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MLIT101 Elementary Italian I

Prerequisite(s): Restricted to students with no previous knowledge of Italian or less than one year of high school Italian

This course develops speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities in Italian for practical and professional application. It is also designed to help master basic skills to facilitate self-expression in real-life situations in Italy. An introduction to the Italian people, customs and institutions is also featured.

MLIT102 Elementary Italian II

Prerequisite(s): MLIT 101 or one-two years of high school Italian

This course is designed to build on basic language skills and to reinforce structure and vocabulary, while encouraging impromptu speaking, group skills, elementary writing assignments and creative presentations in Italian. Simplified cultural readings center on Italy today, Italian language films and guided conversational practice will expose students to authentic language in different contexts.

MLIT201 Intermediate Italian I

Prerequisite(s): MLIT 102 or two-three years of high school Italian

This course builds on the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills acquired in elementary Italian courses. It covers more complex grammatical structures and tenses to enable students to converse with more fluency and to approach selected readings on different subjects. Italian magazines, newspapers, adapted short stories, video and films will be used as sources of information on contemporary Italian life and to provide subject matter for conversation. Oral examinations, skits, frequent contemporary assignments and class presentations will be integral parts of the course.

MLIT202 Intermediate Italian II

Prerequisite(s): MLIT 201 or three-four years of high school Italian

This course is designed to help improve students' communication skills in Italian and to help their understanding of Italian culture. During class they will be required to participate in practical oral drills, group activities, pronunciation and listening comprehension exercises to learn and practice how to express themselves in real- life situations. There will be regular meetings with a peer tutors for one-on-one conversations.

MLIT205 Italian Language Immersion

With a theoretical and hands-on approach, this intermediate course offers the opportunity for students to increase all four language skills (aural-oral/reading/writing/grammar) while at the same experiencing the culture firsthand. Students will attend classes every day and, under the supervision of a Bentley Modern Language faculty member will visit various sites. These visits will offer students a chance to appreciate the history and culture of Italy. This course will fulfill the same requirements for the Modern Language intermediate course depending on language placement. Therefore, it can fulfill the Arts and Sciences language requirement, or LSM Global Perspective language courses, as well as Modern Language Italian minor requirements.

MLIT304 Italian for Cinema

Prerequisite(s): MLIT 202 or four-plus years of high school Italian

In this advanced course, students consider how Italy and Italian identity have been represented through films from the 1940s to today. Students are particularly encouraged to discuss these works on a historical, political, economic and cultural level. Major themes considered are: Fascism, the "Southern Italian" question, migration, la Dolce Vita and the economic boom, gender roles, the intellectual, immigration, and the fight against organized crime.

MLIT401 Directed Study in Italian

Prerequisite(s): Available upon request and approval of the Chair of the Modern Language Department

This course permits students to do special studies in language, literature or culture not offered as a departmental course.

MLIT402 Seminar in Italian

Prerequisite(s): Permission of the instructor. Open to native speakers.

This course brings together advanced and native speakers of the same language to engage in the study of a selected topic using a critical lens of analysis.