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Study Abroad Language Credits

When registering for a language course, you must take the highest level suitable for your ability. If the program determines your language level with a placement test, you will receive Bentley elective credit at that level, even if you have previous credit for that level at Bentley.

Bachelor of Arts majors and Modern Languages majors and minors are not guaranteed credit in the major or minor. These students must reach a certain proficiency level in a language, and therefore cannot earn major or minor credit for language courses at a lower level than previously completed at Bentley. Modern Language minors, Spanish Studies majors and Bachelor of Arts majors should contact their study abroad adviser as soon as possible after the language placement test for guidance on meeting their language requirement at Bentley.

Spanish Studies Majors and Minors

Spanish Studies majors should meet with their Spanish adviser prior to study abroad to discuss possible course options. 

Modern Languages Majors and Minors

Students who wish to pursue the Modern Languages minor are strongly encouraged to meet with the chair of the Modern Languages Department to discuss course options and complete the proper paperwork before going abroad. You are required to take four distinct courses, regardless of the credit value of each course. Therefore, language courses abroad worth more than three credits will satisfy only one of the required courses in the Modern Languages minor.

For example, an Modern Languages minor who takes a six-credit language course abroad will fulfill three credits in the Modern Languages minor (provided the course meets the criteria above) and three credits in arts and sciences electives. Students who are majoring in Spanish Studies may apply six credits (two distinct courses) from their study abroad program.