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Natural and Applied Sciences | Faculty Profiles

Full-Time Faculty                                                                                                                    

Lynn Arenella | Associate Professor                                                                                    
Ryan Bouldin | Assistant Professor
Alexana Cranmer | Assistant Professor
P. Thompson Davis | Professor
George Fishman | Senior Lecturer
Gregory Hall | Associate Professor
Danielle Hartigan | Assistant Professor
Anthony Kiszewski | Associate Professor
Fred D. Ledley | Professor
Helen M. Meldrum | Associate Professor
Aaron Nurick | Professor
Rick Oches | Professor
Clarissa Sawyer | Lecturer
Elizabeth Stoner | Lecturer
Christopher Skipwith | Assistant Professor
David Szymanski | Associate 
Professor and Department Chair
Zoe F. Wagner | Lecturer
Elva R. Wohlers | Senior Lecturer

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Ackert | Adjunct Assistant Professor
James G. Baldwin | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mark Benotti | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Virginia G. Egan | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Freeman-Young | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Janette Gartner | Adjunct Lecturer
Michelle Holiday-Stocking | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Maria Lazebnik | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lisa Machoian | Adjunct Assistant Professor
JeremyA.Marcq | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Laura McNamee | Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Fellow
Barbara Nash | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gabriel Repassy | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Katrina Roman | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kyra Kulik-Johnson|Adjunct Assistant Professor
Leann Simons | Adjunct Lecturer
Witt (Malcome DeWitt) Taylor | Adjunct Assistant Professor