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Our Mission

The Geneen Institute is dedicated to the pursuit of directed, leading-edge research on important corporate governance issues via a consortium of faculty and PhD students dedicated to researching social, comparative and reformative approaches to governance. We believe that as part of the educational process, the institute and the fellows benefit from the development of in-depth doctoral research internships to help foster opportunities for joint problem sharing and access to qualitative and quantitative information. These research opportunities are designed to take place in corporate and/or professional organizational settings over an extended period in order to foster the student’s research along with the organization’s own goals.

We support a diverse portfolio of research projects that have clear, practical implications for managers and for society. Our current initiatives examine the role of governance in five main areas: ethics and corporate boards, regulation and compliance, social and environmental reporting, executive compensation, and women in leadership positions.

We engage doctoral students, faculty and practitioners through books, articles, reports, teaching cases, curricula, conferences, and workshops. Through the Institute’s active involvement in Bentley’s doctoral programs, we help train the next generation of governance leaders. Bentley currently has faculty in several disciplines who are interested in various dimensions of corporate governance. For example, we have faculty in accounting (auditing and risk management), management (corporate social responsibility, diversity, executive management compensation, women and the glass-ceiling), and finance (director independence) who are active researchers in the broad view of governance. Please see our recent Governance Research.

We foster a dynamic community of scholars, practitioners, and students, who come together through such programs as the Geneen Fellows, Bentley’s PhD Programs in Accountancy and Business and faculty memberships in various associations. We reach out beyond the Bentley community to engage people through activities such as lecture series, informal colloquia, and workshops.