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Integrated Double Majors

Make your degree work harder for you

At Bentley, your degree starts a solid foundation of business skills and knowledge, upon which you can layer another major focused on your passions and interests.

For Bachelor of Science Majors: Add a Liberal Studies Major

If you're earning a Bachelor of Science degree, Bentley has created a one-of-a-kind way for you to develop a more well-rounded education. The Liberal Studies Major (LSM) offers a more thematic approach to your course selection, allowing you to shape your education into something that really reflects you, without giving up the core business knowledge Bentley is famous for.

But the LSM is about more than a new kind of major. It's about a new way of thinking. By creating your own educational path, you'll explore different ways to turn your personal interests and passions into a lifetime of professional success. You'll develop an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and communication, learning power skills that future employers are looking for. And you'll join a community of like-minded faculty members, mentors and fellow students who care about the world like you do.

Choose from nine distinct concentrations:

American Studies

In the American Studies concentration, you’ll explore the cultural, historical, and political life of the United States and its place in the world. It prepares you for a variety of careers or graduate study in such areas as law, public relations, government and public policy, nonprofit administration, journalism, teaching, and school administration.


Diversity and Society

One of the great challenges of our time is to achieve a society that is integrative of diversity and provides for equal opportunity such that diversity enriches rather than divides. The Diversity and Society concentration provides you with an understanding of this challenge through exposure to a broad range of topics and disciplines, all of which are united by a concern regarding diversity and equality. This allows you to extend an understanding of diversity beyond society and into their organization, as well as appreciate and understand how diversity can productively and positively contribute to our everyday lives.


Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability

Just how long can the planet’s resources sustain us? Answering this question is one of our biggest global challenges. Scientific and technological solutions to these issues will depend on economic, political, and social advances requiring international cooperation. This concentration provides you with a background in earth and its environmental systems, together with global perspectives on the challenges of sustainable development.


Ethics and Social Responsibility

Big business decisions have big ethical implications. The Ethics and Social Responsibility concentration is grounded in philosophy, and designed to give you the opportunity for in-depth study of these issues from theoretical, practical, and cross-disciplinary perspectives.


Global Perspectives

In today’s world, there are lots of thinking, communicating, doing business and governing — some of them very different than ours. The Global Perspectives concentration gives you a firm understanding of the global economy, as well as the distinct regions and cultures of the world.


Health and Industry

Health impacts us all, on many levels. In this concentration, you’ll explore the issues of human biology, psychology, health and disease that affect personal development, health and wellness. It’s excellent preparation for careers in biopharmaceutical development, health-care product or service marketing, health-plan or benefit administration, and management of health-care providers and institutions.


Media Arts and Society

The Media Arts and Society concentration helps you explore the uses and effects of modern media, gives you skills in media technology, and encourages creative thinking through the use of such media. This concentration has a strong hands-on component, so you’ll learn how to work with video, graphic design, digital photography, and sound design in new ways.


Political Economy and Development

Students in this LSM concentration gain a rich understanding of the interaction of economic, political and social processes and institutions that constitute development. Understandings of development range from economic growth to broader-based human development, understood as freedom and the expansion of people's capabilities. This LSM concentration is designed to help students develop foundational knowledge of politics and economics and learn about the causes and effects (as well as costs and benefits) of development in distinct countries and regions, and indeed what development means in different environments.


Quantitative Perspectives

To look at the world quantitatively means to ask questions that can best be answered with analytical data. The Quantitative Perspectives concentration emphasizes ways to make connections between quantitative analysis and other disciplines, which differs significantly from a traditional math major or minor.


For Bachelor of Arts students: Add a Business Studies Major

If you’re a Bachelor of Arts student at Bentley, you can also earn a Business Studies Major (or a Business Studies minor). It’s a comprehensive program that ensures you graduate with the core knowledge of management, finance, and marketing that only a nationally ranked business university like Bentley can deliver, while giving you the flexibility to customize your degree with electives chosen around a topic of interest or specific discipline.



Alyssa Hammond
The LSMs complement and enhance students' business education and acumen and develop their critical “power” competencies which employers increasingly value
Alyssa Hammond
Director, Undergraduate Career Services, Career Education & Outcomes