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Your time, energy and expertise are vital to Bentley’s success. Become a volunteer today, by choosing an activity that best suits your schedule! Learn more about all of our volunteer opportunities below and fill out the Volunteer Interest Form. Until further notice, most opportunities can be done virtually.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Admissions Ambassador

Alumni and families of Bentley students are in the unique position to help prospective students learn about Bentley. Outreach to newly admitted students, prospective students and newly admitted families greatly aids our Admissions efforts and creates a stronger sense of community and support for those groups. Advice from volunteers who are knowledgeable and passionate about Bentley can be instrumental in new students’ and families’ decision to attend.

Term: Two years

Time Commitment: Flexible (from one 30-minute phone conversation to multiple email/phone conversations)

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Attend multiple virtual training sessions to stay current on the latest facts and figures with significant support from Bentley Admissions and the Office of Family and Alumni Engagement
  • Attend virtual college fairs and Undergraduate Admissions-related virtual networking events or presentations
  • Participate in social media campaigns, including alumni spotlights and takeovers
  • Make welcome calls to newly admitted students and their families welcoming them to the Bentley community and answering questions
  • Allow Undergraduate Admissions to connect you with a prospective student or family with questions
  • When you meet an impressive student, let us know about them! Email to share your thoughts.
Career Connector

This role helps to build the Bentley network by connecting students and alumni to careers and to one another for the purpose of career development. Those who participate as a Career Connector will provide necessary support toward these development activities and continue to further the strength of the Bentley network.

You will work with staff from the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement to find an opportunity that fits your expertise and time commitment. Examples include:

  • Alumni in Residence
  • Ask a Falcon
  • Guest speaker
  • Bentley Career Advisor Network

Term: Flexible; can be a one-time opportunity

Time Commitment: Varies based on available opportunities

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office); both virtual and in-person opportunities

Requirements: Five+ years’ experience in a particular industry

FOLD Board Member

In 2019, Falcons of the Last Decade (FOLD) was created to engage alumni who graduated from Bentley University in the last 10 years. The mission of the FOLD program is to create both a professional and dynamic set of activities and networking opportunities with a roster of active volunteers who want to enhance the alumni experience for their peers. Board members will help create well-thought-out and intentional opportunities for young alumni to engage with one another, deepen their relationship with Bentley and be inspired to give back to the community through their time, talent, and treasure.

Term: One year

Time Commitment: Approximately 5 hours per month

Location: Anywhere (may be asked to attend events in your region)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the planning of FOLD events and complete committee tasks as needed
  • Attend monthly check-ins via phone or Zoom as well as FOLD events
  • Make a meaningful gift to the Bentley Fund within the current fiscal year they are serving
  • Solicit peers to support the Bentley Fund and engage with peers to connect with the Bentley community in your region
  • Travel to campus (at the cost of the volunteer) for on-campus meetings, when necessary
  • Assist in sharing Bentley social media campaigns with personal networks
  • Be a positive advocate for alumni and the university
Global Alumni Board Director

Beginning in 2012, the Global Alumni Board (GAB) was introduced as the overseeing body of the Bentley University Alumni Association and is comprised of representatives from all over the world. The GAB is dedicated to ensuring a two-way conversation between alumni and the university, as well as advancing the myriad ways all Bentley graduates can engage at all stages of their lives and careers.

Term: Two years (with a review after the first year); you may serve up to three consecutive terms 

Time Commitment: Approximately 5-10 hours per month

Location: Anywhere (on campus for two in-person retreats per year)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance and feedback on university initiatives designed to engage alumni in a meaningful, lifelong relationship
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with full board and staff representatives
  • Attend two Global Alumni Board retreats (typically in October and May, in conjunction with Commencement)
  • Make an annual gift to the Bentley Fund at the President’s Club level
NEST Alumni Advisor

The Bentley NEST Program is a new initiative for current students that pairs them with a group of peers and a member of the Bentley Student Affairs staff to create an environment where each student will receive support in the everyday challenges and experiences of being a Bentley student. Each group will be assigned a NEST Alumni Advisor.  This role will provide career and networking advice and support to their cohort of NEST students as someone who has successfully navigated the post-graduate experience.

Term: One year

Time Commitment: One-hour Zoom call per semester and occasional accessibility to connect with students on an as-needed basis

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Co-host one Zoom meeting per semester for the designated NEST group with their Student Affairs staff member
  • Offer advice on career development and networking based on your personal experiences
  • Answer questions about your specific career path navigation
  • Be available for occasional one-to-one outreach from students within the designated NEST group
Regional Representative

You will share valuable experience, expertise and knowledge with the Bentley network in your area. Your time and mentorship could be invaluable to incoming students with questions about acclimating to campus life, families looking for a support network while their student is away and fellow alumni seeking personal and professional advice.

Term: Two years

Time Commitment: Varies (from one 30-minute phone or email conversation to multiple hours connecting with alumni, families and current students or participating in virtual events)

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Attend quarterly meetings with the Office of Alumni Relations and Global Alumni Board to stay informed and gain valuable insights to help you in your role
  • Support your alma mater by making a personally meaningful gift to the Bentley Fund of any amount
  • Attend virtual events (or host when applicable) and suggest ideas and topics for future virtual programs
  • Be available to speak with prospective and admitted students and families about Bentley, student preparation, studying abroad or just to help them feel more connected
  • Be available to speak with alumni who are looking to get involved in your area or who are moving to your area and have questions about living in a new city or career opportunities
  • Manage, increase engagement and populate content for the regional social media channels (if applicable)
Reunion Committee Member

The Reunion Committee rallies their class around Bentley Reunion, which takes place every five years, plans class events and helps raise money for the Reunion Class Gift. Their goal is to help create a memorable experience for classmates and their families while making a lasting philanthropic impact on Bentley.

Term: Nine months (every five years)

Time Commitment: Varies based on time of year; approximately 1-3 hours per month

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Attend and encourage the attendance of fellow classmates at all Reunion activities
  • Support the fundraising effort with a thoughtful gift. While the financial circumstances of each volunteer may differ, the expectation is that all participate in the effort to whatever extent possible. Monthly or annual recurring gifts are encouraged.
  • Actively participate in the committee training process led by staff, including planning calls
  • Encourage the involvement of an assigned group of classmates (10-15 people) in all aspects of the Reunion, including attendance and participation in the reunion gift
  • Utilize shared documents to track the success of outreach efforts for both assigned classmates and volunteers
  • Complete targeted communications as necessary, and help drive out messaging through social media
Social Media Ambassador

Share the latest Bentley University news and information — such as articles, events, contests and more — with your Bentley friends through the Falcon Flock program. Social media ambassadors will use their personal social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to engage their networks in Bentley University content and drive new users to the university’s social channels to create visibility, spread awareness and foster a greater sense of pride for the university.

Term: One year

Time Commitment: Varies based on available content; approximately 15 minutes per week  

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

Virtual Book Club Discussion Leader

Discussion leaders are important members of the Bentley Alumni and Family Book Club who commit to going the extra mile to foster a welcoming lifelong-learning community, consistently share their thoughts on the discussion questions in the online forum and engage with other book club members. Discussion leaders help keep a positive dialogue going throughout the reading period, even when other members might have scheduling conflicts that make it challenging for them to participate consistently.

Term: One 8-week reading period (with the option to continue for as many books as you like)

Time Commitment: 15-20 minutes each week in the discussion boards; 1 hour facilitating discussion via Zoom at the end of the book 

Location: Anywhere (from the comfort of your home or office)

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Post at least one comment a week in the online discussion board
  • Reply to and like fellow book club members’ posts
  • Ask follow-up questions to fellow book club members’ posts
  • Connect different threads of discussion together, in order to create a more cohesive conversation

Reading Schedule:

  • Reading Period #3 – 8/6/20 – 10/8/20 – Just Mercy
  • Reading Period #4 – 10/9/20 – 12/4/20 – TBD

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