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Why Give

It's About Trust

As a business institution, Bentley is renowned for its fiscal prudence and careful budgeting. Our donors appreciate knowing their gifts are soundly managed and wisely allocated.

You already know that your gifts directly support the people, programs, facilities and initiatives that help make Bentley one of the premier business universities in the country.

But did you know your donations also create a long-lasting and meaningful impact well beyond the financial benefits?

Here are just a few ways your gifts make a significant difference:

  • They influence national rankings. The country's most influential ranking systems, including U.S. News & World Report, factor alumni giving into a school's overall ranking score.
  • They attract external support. Corporations and foundations frequently consider alumni giving before choosing to invest their time and money in a school.
  • They bolster admissions efforts. Prospective students and their parents justifiably equate strong alumni support with a vigorous and thriving institution.
  • They benefit society. Supporting Bentley encourages intellectual discovery and development for the benefit of Americans and the wider world.
  • They inspire our students. Your gifts to Bentley deepen the university's culture of philanthropy, showing students the value of giving back.