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Bentley's Endowment

Imagine a gift that never stops giving.

Once made, your gift will continue to provide support in perpetuity to the purpose you designate, and will be invested for long-term growth — for example, a scholarship that provides an invaluable Bentley education to student after student, generation after generation. Your endowment gift is an investment that provides a priceless return.

What is our endowment’s value?

The Bentley endowment was valued at $280 million as of June 30, 2018. Learn more about Bentley's endowment and how it performed in fiscal year 2018.

What is the purpose of the endowment?

The primary purpose of the endowment is to provide a permanent and sustainable source of operating support to university programs and to provide financial assistance to qualified students.

How are endowed funds invested?

The Bentley University endowment contains hundreds of individual funds with various purposes and restrictions that are commingled in an investment pool and tracked with unit accounting similar to a mutual fund. Expenditures from Bentley’s endowed funds are applied to important functions such as need-based grants, scholarships, faculty professorships, library acquisitions, student-related programs, and operational support.

How can I establish an endowed fund?

Please contact Maureen Flores, vice president for University Advancement, at

Endowed Funds (As of October 15, 2018)

Dr. Brazie Guy Abbate Scholarship Fund
James H. Adair Scholarship Fund
Gregory H. Adamian Endowed Teaching Awards
Gregory H. Adamian Professorship in Law
Gregory H. and Deborah M. Adamian Scholarship
Sandy and Harry Adamian Memorial Fund
ALANA Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Michael Richard Albano Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Albert D. & Margaret M. Higgins 
George Alden Trust Scholarship Fund
Max Alperin Scholarship Fund
Alumni Scholarship Fund
Christina D. Anderson Scholarship Fund
Louise Anderson Scholarship
Rae D. Anderson Professorship in Accounting
Rae D. Anderson Scholarship
Robert R. Anderson Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Rae D. Anderson & Andrew W. Malis Scholarship Fund 
The Jill Appel Sustainability Scholarship Endowment
Nicholas & Mary Alice Arakelian Scholarship
Gregory Archie & Rose V. Kolligian Scholarship Fund 
Robert E. Arnold Scholarship Fund
Robert Atamian Scholarship
Julius Babbitt, Class of 1991, Study Abroad Scholarship
Robert P. and Kalliope Badavas Scholarship Fund 
Douglas and Elsie Bailey Scholarship Fund
Mark A. Balaban Scholarship
Bank of New England Scholarship Fund
Adams W. Bartelli Scholarship Fund 
Arthur A. and Nancy Ruth Bates Levesque Scholarship Fund
John & Blanche Battaglino Scholarship
Max & Eva Bayard Berger Scholarship Fund
Roger J. Beit Fund
Roger & Sondra Beit Achievement in Accounting Endowed Scholarship Fund
Benjamin M. Benson Scholarship
The Bentley Academic Support Endowed Fund
Bentley Alumni, Parents & Friends Scholarship Endowment
Louise Bentley Bradley Scholarship 
Bentley Endowment Fund
Bentley Library Endowed Fund
Bentley Service-Learning Endowment
Edward W. Bettke II Memorial Scholarship Fund
Beyond New England Fund 
A.J. Bille Scholarship Fund
David E. Billings Endowment Fund
Bird Companies Scholarship
Mildred & Abe S. Bloomberg Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Rudolph G. & Miriam B. Boehm Scholarship
Sarkis & Martha Boghosian Scholarship
Lawrence W. Boyce Scholarship Fund 
J. Earle Bradley Scholarship 
Henry A. Brawn '21 Scholarship Fund 
Frank & Louise Brenton Scholarship 
Paul W. and Beatrice S. Briggs Scholarship Fund 
Brown Family Scholarship Fund 
Leslie A. Brown Scholarship 
Carmen F. and Madonna E. Bruno Scholarship Fund
Bryant Chucking Grinder Co. Scholarship 
Roy W. Buck Scholarship 
William J. & Thelma K. Buckley Scholarship Fund 
Beryl H. & John W. Bunker Scholarship Fund
Harold J. and Loretta M. Burke Scholarship Fund
C.I.S. Endowment Fund
Lillian Call Scholarship 
Bernard Cammarata Scholarship Fund
James Logan Canavan Graduate Scholarship Fund 
John M. Canty Scholarship Fund 
J. Terence Carleton Scholarship Fund
John L. Casey Endowed Fund for Visiting Scholars in Business Ethics
Center for Business Ethics Endowment Fund
Center for Business Ethics Library Endowment
Beryl Helaine Chandler Scholarship 
Chickering Scholarship Fund 
Robert and Suzanne Chute Scholarship Fund
John S. & Mary P. Cieszka Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1923 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1927 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1928 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1929 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1930 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1931 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1932 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1935 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1949 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1956 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1966 Student Loan Endowed Fund
Class of 1976 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1977 Fund
Class of 1978-Student Center Fund
Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1980 Scholarship Fund 
The Class of 1981 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Class of 1983-WBTY Radio Station Fund
Class of 1988 Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Class of 1996 Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Coca-Cola Minority Scholars Fund 
John J. & Ruth E. Coleman Scholarship Fund 
John T. Collins Scholar-Athlete Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dorothea R. Connors Scholarship Fund 
Consumer Product Testing Service Scholarship 
Walter G. Corcoran Endowment Fund
John E. & Marjorie S. Cowles Scholarship Fund 
Jeanne M. and William F. Craven Scholarship Fund
Creasia & Morini Endowment Fund
Joseph M. Cronin Advisory Award
Richard L. Cross Fund for Excellence in Accountancy Education
Peter E. Cruise, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Edward C. Cudmore Scholarship Fund 
Anthony P. Cupero/SGD Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Prof. E. William Dandes Scholarship Fund 
Professor E. William Dandes Award Fund for Graduate Academic Excellence
Dandes/Falcon Society
Coach DeFelice Endowed Baseball Fund
Norbert K. Carey Deloitte & Touche Scholarship Fund
Delongchamp Family Endowed Fund
Stanley & Linda DeMartinis Endowed Fund
George H. Dennis Scholarship Fund 
Dept. of Accountancy Endowed Fund
Arthur DeVincent Family Scholarship Fund 
Raymond DeVincent Family Scholarship Fund 
George M. & Helen Z. DeVoe Scholarship Fund 
Cynthia and Bryon Deysher Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Nubar & Marguerite Dinjian Scholarship 
Thomas W. & M. Irene Dobbins Scholarship Fund 
Harry Doehla Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Julia E. & Robert A. Dorn '30 Endowment Fund
Emery J. Doyle Scholarship Fund
H. Michael Drouin Scholarship Fund 
Dr. William and Eileen F. Duhey Scholarship Fund 
Earle and Sloan Travel Fellowship
Laurie Arthur Ebacher, Esq. Class of 1931 Scholars 
David W. Ellis Scholarship Fund 
William V. Ellis Scholarship Fund 
Ernst & Young Minority Graduate Scholars Endowment
Eskandarian Family Scholarship Fund 
Theodore & Theana Evangelides Scholarship Fund 
Theodore W. Fabisak Fund
Faculty/Staff Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Falcon Club Athletic Scholarship Fund
Louis T. & Barbara B. Falcone Scholarship Fund 
George J. Fantini, Sr. Scholarship Fund 
Catherine A. and Ann J. Farrell Scholarship Fund
Lou & Pauline Flumere Scholarship Fund 
Foley-Ebels Endowed Scholarship Fund
Samuel Frank Scholarship Fund 
Alfred E. and Helen A. Fredericks Scholarship Fund
James Fuerst Scholarship 
Santo Furfari Scholarship 
Costanzo D. Fustolo Scholarship 
Melvin Galer Memorial Scholarship Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Charles David Galiada Memorial Scholarship Fund 
John L. & Frances A. Gallerani Scholarship Fund 
Tony Gallo '86 Endowed Scholarship
Jean Bernard Gazarian Model United Nations Endowed Prize Fund
David A. Gelineau Memorial Book Fund
Edward F. Gibbons Professorship
David Goldberg '33 Book Fund
Mary C. Golden Scholarship 
Robert I. Goldman Charitable Lead Trust Endowment Fund
Golf Tournament Scholarship Fund 
Edward C. Gonzales Endowed Scholarship
Graduate School Development Fund
Frank M. & Gisela W. Gray Scholarship 
Robert H. Gray Scholarship Fund 
Gray, Gray & Gray Graduate Scholarship 
John Greene '81 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Steve Griffin '78 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jack '71 and Jan Guarnieri Endowed Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Fund
Gullifer Fund 
Charles and Elizabeth Gurnett Scholarship Fund
Albert G. & Althea Gustafson Scholarship Fund 
Roland L., Edith G., & Roland S. Hadley Scholarship 
Ruth Barker Hammond Memorial Endowment Fund
Sarah & Robert Harkness Scholarship Fund 
Charles Hartig Music Fund
Hartnett Family Business Plan Award
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund 
Ralph W. and Lois M. Hey Scholarship 
Hieken Professorship in Business and Professional Ethics
Albert D. & Margaret M. Higgins Scholarship Fund 
W. Michael Hoffman Prize in Business Ethics
Hogan Family Scholarship 
Dr. Harriet Hollenberg Memorial Fund
Henry Hornblower Fund 
William Coe Hubbard Scholarship Fund 
David A. & Elizabeth C. Hughey Scholarship Fund 
Edward C., Helga J., and Janet E. Hunt Scholarship 
Robert C. & Lillian P. Hunt Scholarship Fund 
Ida G. Hurwitz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Philip Hurwitz Memorial Scholarship 
Hye-Hovannesian Scholarship Fund 
Walter J. & Helen K. Hyla Scholarship Fund 
International Programs Endowment
Robert H. Jacobson Scholarship Fund 
Jennison Family Scholarship Fund
John Dumas and Frances K. Riley Scholarship
Herbert R. & Dorothy M. Johnson Scholarship Fund 
Robert & Rita Johnston Scholarship 
Stephen M. and Marie E. Joyce Memorial Scholarship 
George E. and Louis I. Kane Professorship in Finance
John & Mary Kasarjian Scholarship 
Ralph Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund 
John & Victoria Kazanjian Scholarship 
Stuart H. & Kathryn Keay Scholarship Fund 
Harold L. & Jean R. Keen Endowment Fund
Keljik Family Scholarship Fund
Wallace M. & Anne J. Kemp Endowment Fund
Mary and John Kennealy Memorial Scholarship Fund 
The Terrence G. Kennedy Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. Arthur W. Kennedy Endowment Fund
John A. & Margaret P. King Scholarship Fund 
Kingsley Family Scholarship Fund 
Arthur G. and Vaia I. Koumantzelis Scholarship Fund 
Edward T. Krieger Scholarship Fund 
Gerald Kruger Memorial Fund 
Monsour & Robert H. Laham Scholarship 
Langdon Bentley Scholarship Fund
Gloria Cordes Larson & Allen Larson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Laurendeau Scholarship
Mildred T. Lawton Scholarship 
Andrew E. & June J. Lemery Scholarship Fund
Robert and Carolyn Lenington Scholarship Fund 
Robert and Carolyn Lenington Scholarship Unrestricted 
Raymond J. Levesque/Accounting Society Scholarship Fund
E. Francis and Araxie LeVin Scholarship 
The Harvey M. and Jean V. Lewis Scholarship Fund 
Carroll R. Libby '39 Scholarship Fund
Darald R. and Juliet R. Libby Endowment Fund
Liberty Mutual Scholarship Fund 
Louis & Jane Limauro Scholarship Fund 
Maurice M. Lindsay Scholarship Fund 
Patricia Littlefield Library Fund
Stanley L. & Dorothy Lomer Lane Scholarship Fund 
David P. Luca Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Thomas J. & Charity G. Lyons Scholarship Fund 
Arthur H. & Dorothy M. MacKinnon Scholarship Fund 
Harold A. & Mary E. MacKinnon Scholarship 
Michael J. & Mary Malison Scholarship Fund 
Mario J. Manna Athletic Scholarship Fund
Paul Marchesiani Scholarship Fund
Edward & Helen Mardigian Scholarship 
Michael & Agnes Margossian Scholarship Fund 
M. Anne Marston Scholarship Fund
Peter J. Martin Scholarship Fund 
William C. Martino and Delrose Marlene Martino Scholarship Fund
Massry Endowed Fund
McBride Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Sarah G. McCarthy Memorial Fund 
Walter B. McCarthy '53 Scholarship Fund
Frances McDonald Scholarship Fund
Ralph W. McDonald '80 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Winthrop and Marjorie McGown Scholarship Fund
Joann McKenna Endowed Scholarship Fund
William J. McLaughlin Scholarship
William S. McLaughlin Scholarship Fund
Lester W., Betty P. and Ashley Cay McLellan Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gordon J. McLenithan Family Scholarship Fund 
Roy & Lena McPherson Grad. Scholarship 
Gregory B. Medara Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mee Family Prize Endowment
Stuart H. Merrill Library Fund
Leo V. and S. Lucia Meunier Scholarship Fund 
Leo V. and S. Lucia Meunier Scholarship Unrestricted 
Cincinnati Milacron Scholarship 
Nathan R. & Lillian Miller Schol. 
Nathan R. Miller Family Scholarship Fund
Raymond H. Miller KPA Scholarship Fund 
Richard A. Miller Memorial Fund
Anthony A. Minella Scholarship Fund 
Minority Student Scholarship Fund
John Mirak Scholarship 
Robert D. Moran Scholarship
Thomas Lincoln Morison Accountancy Fund
Francis S. & Margaret M. Murphy Scholarship Fund 
Herbert J. & Beverly J. Myers Scholarship Fund 
Herbert J. Myers Fund
NEH Challenge Grant
NESS Scholarship Fund
New England Heritage Center
Francis C. Newell Endowment Fund
John and Dorothy Nichol Book Fund
John T. Nichol Scholarship Fund
Oakley Country Club Caddie Scholarship Fund 
Timothy C. O'Brien Scholarship Fund
Jeremiah J. & M. Patricia O'Connell Scholarship
Susan G. and Daniel E. O'Connell Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The O'Connor Family Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of Rae D. Anderson
Bruce and LuAnn Ohanian Scholarship Fund
Peter J. O'Neill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles T. O'Neill & Mary Ellen Neylon Scholarship 
Francis and Rosemarie Oricchio Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frank A. & Helen S. Orth Scholarship Fund 
Panama Endowed Scholarship Fund
Thomas Anthony Pappas Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Michael R. Pedroli Scholarship Fund 
Edward H. Pendergast Scholarship 
Performing Arts Endowment Fund
George & Veronica Phalen Scholarship Fund
Nicholas Piccione Scholarship Fund 
Louise Pintal & Joseph Bulkeley Scholarship
Poitras Scholarship Fund
John Powderly Family Scholarship Fund 
Mary Ann Powers & Florence Powers Scholarship Fund 
Edward J. and Mary E. Powers Memorial Scholarship 
Doris Eileen Preble and Erving A. LeCain Endowment Fund
Henry E. Rauch Doctoral Fellowship Fund
Henry Rauch Family Endowment
Henry E. & Alice Rauch Scholarship Fund 
Gerald T. Reilly Catholic Campus Ministry Fund
John E. Rhodes Professorship
John E. Rhodes Scholarship 
Michelle E. Richardson Book Fund
Michelle E. Richardson Memorial Scholarship 
Allen C. & Edna W. Ritz Scholarship 
William H.S. Rogers Scholarship 
Thomas S. & Elinor Runcy Scholarship 
Sack Family Emergency Relief Fund
Chuck Sakakini Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Sylvia Santiago IAMBA '01 Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ronald J. Santos Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Z. N. Saradjian Scholarship Fund 
Sarkis & Rose Colombosian Scholarship Fund 
Harry & Lousaper Sarmanian Schlrshp 
Anne P. and Henry W. Scheibner Scholarship Fund
Wayne V. & Evelyn I. Schell Scholarship
The Semanie Family Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Shepherd & Goldstein Scholarship Fund 
Wallace James Sherlock Endowed Scholarship Fund 
L. Edward and Ruth B. Sibley Scholarship Fund
Singer & Lusardi Scholarship Fund 
Mark Skaletsky Family Scholarship Fund 
Chester B. Slade Fund for Faculty Support and Academic Development
Chester B. Slade Graduate Scholarship Fund
Chester B. Slade Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
Smalley Foundation Scholarship Fund 
Leonard Sneddon Athletic Scholarship 
David P. Sondler Scholarship Fund 
Nathan N. Southwick Char. Rem. Annuity Trust
Mary Stamas and Frances Vrachos Fund
Lloyd H. & Elizabeth B. Stanton Fund
Joseph and Elizabeth Steindl Scholarship Fund
Robert S. and Erma B. Stockwell Scholarship Fund
Bertha M. Stratton Scholarship 
The Student Affairs Endowed Fund
Alice Sullivan Scholarship Fund 
D. Harold Sullivan Scholarship 
Rev. Leon H. Sullivan Scholars Program 
Sullivan Bille & Company Scholarship 
C. Roger Swanson Scholarship Fund 
Marjorie T. and Bruno G. '58 Guerra Endowed Scholarship Fund
Eliot A. & Betty R. Tanner Book Fund
Teaching and Learning Initiative Endowed Fund
James B. & Barbara H. Thomson Scholarship Fund 
Trustee Emeritus Carl E. & Helen D. Thoresen Scholarship Fund 
Amy Toyen Scholarship Fund 
Joan Trimble-Smith Fine Arts Fund
Arthur & Edith Trussell Scholarship Fund 
Tufts Health Plan Speaker Series for Women's Leadership Institute
William & Dorothy Turkington Scholarship Fund 
Joseph J. Vasquez Scholarship Fund
Marie Vizzari '81 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Daniel Vooys Memorial Scholarship Fund 
W. H. Nichols Co. Scholarship Fund 
Arthur H. Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Richard M. Walker - M/A-COM, Inc. Scholarship Fund 
Wallace Energy, Inc. Scholarship 
Professor Robert J. Weafer Award Fund for Undergraduate Academic Excellence
Robert and Mary Weafer Scholarship 
David and Elayne Weener Scholarship Fund 
Mina E. Weighill Scholarship Fund 
Western NY Alumni Chapter Scholarship 
Charles B. Wetherby Scholarship
John F. Whalley Scholarship Fund 
Donald & Beverly Whittemore Scholarship Fund 
Whitten - Sarmanian Scholarship Fund 
Dorothy G. Willard Scholarship Fund 
George M. Winters, Jr. Scholarship Fund 
Norman M. Wise Scholarship Fund 
Earle P. Wittet Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Samuel Wolpe MAPA Scholarship 
Armen S. Yeretzian Scholarship Fund
Kathleen L. Yorkis Scholarship
Harry & Angel Zerigian Scholarship