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Last Updated: Aug. 3, 2021

Fall 2021

The majority of classes will be held in person for undergraduate students during the fall 2021 semester. Options are being explored for incoming international students. Graduate students should refer to their specific programs for details on in-person and hybrid learning options.   

New Graduate Student Vaccination Deadline

All undergraduate and graduate students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit a religious or medical exemption request for the fall 2021 semester. Any graduate students admitted after Aug. 1 will have four weeks after the date of their offer letter to upload their vaccination records or exemption form. Graduate students who are admitted after Aug. 1 should plan to attend their courses remotely until they are fully vaccinated.

Definition of Some Terms

Live in Person
Students may attend some classes in person. Classroom seating capacities will be adjusted to meet public health safety protocols. These courses are denoted as “Hybrid (HB)” when you check your courses in Workday.

Synchronous Online Learning
Students will attend some classes online through Zoom from a remote location such as a dorm room or, if they are unable to get to campus, from their home or a local library. Faculty have designed these classes so that students attending online can interact in real time with their classmates and professors.

Asynchronous Online Learning
Professors create online instructional materials such as recorded video lectures, interactive simulations and discussion boards where classmates share their views or ask questions. Rather than attending class at a fixed time, students have flexibility (typically a few days or up to one week) in when they learn from this instruction and when they interact with their professors and classmates.

No matter what the attendance format, all courses will include an element of blended learning where students are expected to complete certain instructional activities on their own before coming to class. Class time is designed to focus on collaborative activities such as role playing, analyzing and discussing cases or creating a deliverable. The most common example of blended learning is for students to watch a short lecture video created by the professor before coming to class. While in class, students use concepts from the lecture to work together on solving and discussing complex problems.

Information for International Students

The Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) will work with new and continuing students about your plans to return to campus.

More information for international students can be found on the CISS web page in the section, "Returning to Campus - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions."

Information on Study Abroad

For more information on study abroad opportunities, please visit The Office of International Education's page on COVID-19.