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Campus Events

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Last Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Student Events

Currently, events on campus are limited to 25 occupants if outdoors, and 10 occupants if indoors.

Students seeking to hold events on campus must first submit the event for the approval of Student Programs and Engagement (SP&E) via this form. Events that have not been authorized by SP&E may not be held.

On-Campus Events Checklist

Reserving Space for In-Person Events

Student organizations must submit a request for in-person campus events, off-campus/travel events, vendor service and other needs. Please wait to book space in EMS until having submitted an initial form. This allows time for groups to hear back from AIA regarding fall trimester budget adjustments as well as time to reimagine or adjust events as needed. Remember, too, that no in-person events can take place without prior written approval by SP&E. 

The Bentley Arena

Event space in the Bentley Arena is available only in the Cube room, located on the concourse; its maximum capacity is eight people. The facility does not allow for the safe circulation of air that would be required to hold floor events during the pandemic.

Student-Sponsored Travel

No student organization sponsored travel outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be permitted or approved for the duration of the fall trimester. Any in-state travel will not be permitted without prior written approval from SP&E. Travel must also comply with the following requirements:

  • No more than 25 individuals traveling. The size of the group must comply with state policies (a maximum of 8 people per 1,000 square feet) for the venue they are traveling to.
  • Mode of transportation cannot include common carriers such as buses. Personal vehicles only.
  • Travel must only be for day trips. No overnight travel is permitted.
  • All on-campus policies remain in effect when off campus.

Students hoping to conduct in-state student organization sponsored travel must complete this form