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Last Updated: September 4, 2020

Visitation Policy

While we understand the importance of connection to friends and family, the collective health and safety of our community remains paramount in our decision-making and policy-making for the fall. Therefore, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community safe, Bentley has instituted the following restrictions on visitors to the residence halls. We encourage limiting interactions with others by using technology such as FaceTime, Zoom or any of the other video conferencing services available. When in-person interactions occur, it is important to remember that face coverings and proper physical distance are key to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Please note: As we have seen across the country, the reality of this virus is that environments and situations can change quickly. Therefore, visitor policies may need to change and become more restrictive if circumstances require. Our goal is to provide more updated guidance after an initial two-week ease-in period. The two-week ease-in period is intended to provide Bentley the opportunity to assess the campus health environment while maintaining the most stringent guidelines. If after this ease-in period, the data provided by our screening reflects a safe campus environment, guidelines may be eased. However, this current policy may extend beyond September 8 if warranted and should be considered effective until you are notified, in writing, of an updated residence hall visitation policy.

From Move In until September 8

  • Students are prohibited from visiting other residence halls for any reason.  

  • External visitors are prohibited from visiting the residence halls for any reason.   

  • Bentley students living off campus are prohibited from visiting the residence halls or academic buildings for any reason.  

  • Off-campus students are permitted to visit campus only for the weekly screen testing at the lower level of the Miller parking deck during this period. 

  • Off-campus students visiting campus for screening tests should report directly to the Miller lot and leave immediately after the test is completed.  

  • Violations of this prohibition will likely result in both host and visitor being removed from campus for the fall trimester.

After September 8

If the campus health environment is determined to be safe, Bentley will review the restrictions on visitors and guests and will issue an updated policy, in writing, to all students. This date will allow two weeks of screen testing, which will provide the university with data that will help inform decision-making and allow adjustments to be made to this restriction.

The policy change, if supported by testing data and approved, will allow residential students and off-campus Bentley students to visit peers in the residence halls, as long as those students are current with screen testing and continue to abide by all rules including wearing face coverings and social distance.

If the testing data supports the policy change, after September 8, residential students in the first-year area may be allowed to have one additional person over the occupancy of their room, and residents of suites and apartments may have two people over occupancy.

External visitors, including family, after move-in day

For the health and safety of our campus community, Bentley has made the difficult decision to prohibit family and other external visitors from entering any campus building including residence halls after move-in day. Students who bring external visitors into the residence halls are subject to immediate removal from the residence halls and a ban from campus.

We know that parents and family would like the opportunity to visit, and we know this is important. We encourage you to come to campus and take your student off campus for a visit. Please follow all safety protocols including wearing face coverings and keeping social distance while picking up students on campus, and we urge you to continue these practices while visiting off campus. We know this is difficult but necessary for keeping the community safe.

Requesting a Visitor

In order to ensure the health and safety of the Bentley University community, access to Bentley's campus by visitors and guests is discouraged and will be significantly restricted through the fall trimester. We recognize, however, that some outside community members will be considered essential to some areas of the university. For that reason, Bentley has developed a protocol by which any visitors must be approved for access to campus. Visitor approvals could be granted for, but may not be limited to: program vendors and suppliers, panelists or guest speakers, visiting faculty, co-curricular instructors or coaches, or corporate and executive partners.

Any member of the Bentley community who requests a campus visitor must first review the documents below:
External Visitor Guidelines
External Visitor Approval Process
On-Campus Events Checklist

To request a visitor, please complete the form below. 

Request a Visitor