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Guests at convocation in face coverings

Visitors and Guests

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Last Updated: Jan. 19, 2022

Faculty and staff members seeking guidance for hosting on-campus events may contact Maria Monks Serrao and Nicole Chabot-Wieferich

Visitors and Guests

Where possible, departments and student organizations should avoid or delay inviting non-Bentley visitors to campus during the two week ease-in period ending Feb. 7.

If an event is deemed essential and has vice president approval, all visitors will be required to follow the visitor protocols below. 

Following the ease-in period for the spring semester, Bentley University will define “visitors and guests” as any outside individuals coming to campus that are not actively enrolled students, faculty or staff who have previously met the university’s vaccine requirements.

Visitors and guests are categorized as follows:

1. Event Attendees/Facility Guests 

  • Those attending an open community event or facility without direct invitation by someone at the university (i.e., athletic events – both indoor and outdoor, speakers, visitors to the library, users of the fitness facilities).
  • Those attending a community event at the specific invitation of or request by a Bentley community member (i.e., student, faculty or staff), department or recognized student organization that is approved to be on campus for the fall term. 
  • Those attending a third-party event being hosted on campus at the invitation of an approved third-party host. 

2. Third Party Service Vendors 

  • Service vendors that are not considered long-term (held accountable to employee protocols for vaccination and/or screening testing), with fully executed contracts and approval by Procurement and Campus Services to be on campus to execute a necessary service, delivery or function.  

3. Invited Performers, Speakers and Lecturers 

  • Contracted performers, entertainers, speakers, guest lecturers or other visitors in similar capacities who are invited by a Bentley community member (i.e., student, faculty or staff), department or recognized student organization.

4. Personal Guests of Students  

  • Family members and friends invited for personal reasons by enrolled students to campus.

5. Prospective Students and Families 

  • Those prospective students and family members participating in hosted Admissions events and services including interviews, tours and recruitment events.

Any indoor, on-campus event expecting more than 100 visitors as defined by this policy will require hosts to submit a request for approval from the Campus Events & Visitors committee chairs for the Return to Campus Task Force or Student Programs & Engagement.

Visitor Expectations

Face Coverings
Visitors to Bentley’s campus are required to wear a face covering in all indoors locations throughout the duration of their visit, regardless of vaccination status. Performers, speakers and guest lecturers who will be on stage and farther than 10’ from the audience may remove their face covering for the performance. For performances that feature singing, 25' of spacing from the audience is required.  All other visitor interaction will require face coverings to be worn. 

Panelists/groups speaking collectively on stage will require the following precautions:

  • When seated/standing 6’ apart and a minimum of 10’ from the audience, panelists may remove their face coverings for the duration of the event while on stage. Each panelist will have their own microphone. Sharing of mics will not be permitted. 
  • When not able to be seated/standing 6’ apart, panelists may remove their face coverings when speaking, but will be expected to replace the face covering in between active contributions. Each panelist will have their own microphone. Sharing of mics will not be permitted. 10’ distance between the panel and audience is still expected.

Symptom Monitoring
Visitors are required to self-monitor their symptoms prior to arriving to campus by completing Bentley’s Daily COVID-19 Checklist.

Additional Guidelines
Visitors will comply with all other Commonwealth of Massachusetts, City of Waltham and Bentley COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of their visit. These protocols will be provided by the university host and updated regularly at

If a visitor will be coming to campus consistently at the same frequency as staff and faculty (three or more times a week), the university will have the option to require proof of vaccination from those visitors. If those frequent visitors are unvaccinated, the university will require that they enroll in the weekly screening test program. All face covering requirements above will still apply. 

Students, faculty and staff who are hosting visitors on Bentley’s campus are directly responsible for their visitor’s compliance with university protocols and policies.  

Residence Halls
Guests from outside the Bentley community are not permitted in the residence halls at this time.

Athletic Event Guidelines

All spectators will be required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test administered within the past 72 hours. Fans will also be required to wear masks while inside the Bentley Arena and the Dana Center at all times. Specific details include: 

  • Children under the age of 12 do not need to provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID19 test for entry, but they will be required to wear a face covering while attending any indoor Bentley athletics event.
  • Attendees age 12 and older will be required to present proof of being at least two weeks past receiving a second dose in a two-dose vaccine series (Pfizer or Moderna, or other World Health Organization-listed vaccines), or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or a photocopy or mobile photo of the card is acceptable.
  • For those guests who are unvaccinated or who cannot provide proof of full vaccination, documentation of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test taken within three days of the event will be required. A test result must be in the form of written medical documentation (paper or electronic copy) and the documentation must include: guest name, test result, type of test, entity issuing the result, and the specimen collection date.
  • Proof of full vaccination and/or documentation of a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the event will also require the presentation of a valid driver's license or government-issued form of identification, such as a passport.
  • As all students, faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated—and those with approved medical or religious exemptions are required to test each week—simply showing a Bentley ID will provide sufficient proof for entry.

Fans who do not comply with venue policies will not be admitted. If you or someone in your party are experiencing symptoms prior to attending the contest, please do not attend. Tickets will be refundable.

All concessions and catering have been closed for athletic events until further notice. 

Summer Camp Visitors

All camps and camp visitors must follow current Bentley COVID-19 health and safety protocols and guidelines. Additionally, all campers must be vaccinated or provide documentation of a negative PCR test result administered within the past 72 hours.

University Hotel Partners

Bentley University partners with several local hotels who have extended special rates to our community in support of our students and their families. A detailed list of hotels and rates can be found below.

Hotel Partners