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Guests at convocation in face coverings

Visitors and Guests

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Last Updated: May 23, 2022

Visitors and Guests

Visitors and guests are categorized as follows:

1. Event Attendees/Facility Guests 

  • Those attending an open community event or facility without direct invitation by someone at the university (i.e., athletic events – both indoor and outdoor, speakers, visitors to the library, users of the fitness facilities).
  • Those attending a community event at the specific invitation of or request by a Bentley community member (i.e., student, faculty or staff), department or recognized student organization that is approved to be on campus for the fall term. 
  • Those attending a third-party event being hosted on campus at the invitation of an approved third-party host. 

2. Third Party Service Vendors 

  • Service vendors that are not considered long-term (held accountable to employee protocols for vaccination and/or screening testing), with fully executed contracts and approval by Procurement and Campus Services to be on campus to execute a necessary service, delivery or function.  

3. Invited Performers, Speakers and Lecturers 

  • Contracted performers, entertainers, speakers, guest lecturers or other visitors in similar capacities who are invited by a Bentley community member (i.e., student, faculty or staff), department or recognized student organization.

4. Personal Guests of Students  

  • Family members and friends invited for personal reasons by enrolled students to campus.

5. Prospective Students and Families 

  • Those prospective students and family members participating in hosted Admissions events and services including interviews, tours and recruitment events.
University Hotel Partners

Bentley University partners with several local hotels who have extended special rates to our community in support of our students and their families. A detailed list of hotels and rates can be found below.

Hotel Partners