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The Bentley University Strategic Plan

In 1917, Harry Bentley transformed business education in America, introducing the sophisticated profession of accountancy, just as the financial industry was taking shape in the United States. Today, Bentley University is far bigger and more diverse than a one-room accounting school for men. We now offer 24 majors that span a broad spectrum of disciplines across business and the arts and sciences. As our educational focus has expanded, so too has our entire community, reflecting the gender, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of the 21st century world we live in.

I am pleased to introduce an update to the Bentley University Strategic Plan, “Achieving the Business University, 2017-2019.” As we celebrate our Centennial year, the vision laid out over the course of this document honors the legacy of our founder, Harry Bentley, while charting the exciting path forward into our university’s second century. Throughout our history, Bentley has been dedicated to revolutionizing and advancing business education, with a commitment to success for our students and to excellence in education and research. I believe this strategic plan keeps us on a continued path to realize those aspirations far beyond what our founders ever imagined when they first opened the doors to Bentley 100 years ago.

Our continued focus on education, student life, research and foundational resources will build our brand and will position Bentley for increasing successes. As we celebrate our Centennial and plan our upcoming Become Best capital campaign, the Cabinet has put forth an extension of the strategy developed in 2013, with important updates that reflect our progress.

In particular, I’d like to highlight priorities supported in this strategic plan: continued enhancements to undergraduate education and student life, a university-wide focus on graduate programs and diversity and inclusion, further re nements of our international strategy, improved technology, and development of our human capital.

Bentley produces highly respected scholarship and teaching which in turn produces graduates who are greatly in demand.

Critical to our continued success is a commitment to two enduring, foundational investments:

  • Our faculty of outstanding teacher-scholars, who balance great teaching in the classroom with relevant, high- impact research. Continued investment in our teacher-scholar model of education will attract more top-tier faculty and students, help identify market changes, engage more academic, corporate and external partners, and grow Bentley’s domestic and international reputation.
  • Our physical, technological and human environment, which is designed to meet the dynamic, changing learning environment that characterizes higher education today. Constantly updating and improving these environments will support and enhance teaching, learning, student life and diversity at Bentley.

Taken together, investments in these targeted areas will enhance our stature as a well-regarded, market-informed business university — a university that produces highly respected scholarship and teaching which in turn produces graduates who are greatly in demand. They are core in enabling us to build a more differentiated, sustainable position for Bentley — and a brand that will be recognized for preparing the next generation of smart, nimble, compassionate leaders. This is just the right value proposition needed to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace.

As we unveil this updated Strategic Plan, I firmly believe that this institution has never been stronger, we have never been held in higher regard, and our entire Cabinet has never been more optimistic about the future. Bentley has 100 years of experience opening the doors of opportunity for generations of students — providing them a unique educational experience, fueled always by innovation and real world experience. This next chapter of the Strategic Plan continues to celebrate that history while providing direction into the frontiers that lie ahead.

I thank our dedicated board of trustees, faculty, staff, student body and alumni community for their faith and commitment in the Bentley mission. I look forward to our continuing our journey together as we look to Become Best!

With warm regards,

Gloria Cordes Larson 
President, Bentley University