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Jennison Hall

Going to class? You're likely headed to Jennison Hall, one of three main classroom buildings on campus. Undergraduate classes are held in 42 classrooms here, five days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 9:50 p.m. Bentley also offers summer sessions and one-week intensive courses during both summer and winter.

All of our courses are taught by professors (not graduate assistants) who put a premium on first-rate teaching and advising. Students appreciate it. The Princeton Review's Best Colleges guide notes that students reserve their "highest accolades for the Bentley faculty, to whom they give excellent marks for both teaching and accessibility."

Bentley's high-tech classrooms – more than 50 in all – typically feature a podium computer with DVD and network connectivity, a video/data ceiling mounted projector, a VCR, control system, and an audio system. Together, students and professors can conduct research online in real time.



Quick Fact:

Maximum brainpower: Students log about 1,068 hours’ worth of class time in Jennison on a weekly basis.