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Business Analytics Programs Alumni Profiles

Guangying Hua, PhD 2011

Lead Knowledge Analyst, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Guangying received her PhD degree in Business Analytics from Bentley this May.  She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Management Information Systems from Tianjin University, China.  At present,  she is a Statistician in the Analytic Consulting Group at Epsilon. Her responsibilities include building predictive models and providing marketing insights for clients across different industries. Prior to joining Epsilon, Guangying worked as a Software Engineer and Data Analyst for the China Aviation Accounting Center, providing business intelligence and data analysis for all airline companies in China. While studying at Bentley, she worked as a Research Assistant for Bentley’s Center for Quantitative Analysis, responsible for data extraction and data analysis for internal and external clients.


Maria Skaletsky, PhD 2012

Research Consultant, Bentley University

Maria Skaletsky holds the position of Research Consultant at the Academic Technology Center at Bentley University. She is responsible for preparing and managing data and assisting faculty on research design, survey design, data gathering methodology, data input, and data analysis. She also supports faculty use of large research databases, such as CRSP, Compustat, and ExecuComp, as well as their use of SAS, SPSS, JMP and other statistical software. Maria joined the ATC in April of 2003. Prior to that, she earned an MBA (concentration in Business Data Analysis) from Bentley University. Maria holds a BS in Business Management from St. Petersburg Academy of Business (Russia), and is fluent in Russian. Maria has got her PhD degree in Business Analytics. Her research interests include the analysis of living standards data, and the digital divide.



Olumayokun Soremekun (PhD 2013)
Faculty, OLX in Lagos, Nigeria

Mayo  has held consulting positions at the World Bank, the United Nations and the Center for Quantitative Analysis at Bentley. While working on her PhD, she  worked as a statistician, building response models for Brookstone. She says “The Bentley analytics program has been ideal for me since it has allowed me to bridge the gap between my theoretical quantitative background and business applications.  I have been able to continue to do quantitative work while being exposed to other business areas such as IT, economics and organizational behavior, and have had a chance to teach and work on interesting consultancy projects.”



Joe Dery (current PhD)
Senior Data Scientist, EMC

In April 2011, Joseph became a Business Analyst for New Hampshire-based data analytics firm Calexus Solutions. There, Joseph brought his passions to life by invoking his advanced business analytic skill-set in a bustling environment that requires quick, strategic thinking and effective written communication with top executives of multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. Joseph's responsibilities at Calexus extended to databases in excess of 20 terabytes. He joined the EMC corporation as a data scientist, and then was promoted to senior data scientiest.





I Chen Wu (MBA+BA Concentration/IT, 2012 )
Senior Quantitative Data Analyst, Santander Bank, N.A.

I Chen was an MBA graduate at Bentley with concentrations in both Business Analytics and Information Systems & Technology. She will begin to hold her position at Deloitte in 2012. Before coming to Bentley, I Chen was a product manager in the telecommunication industry and beauty industry.  She likes dealing with numbers and data and enjoys the process of analyzing underlying data patterns to provide business solutions for her company. Every industry has data that needs analysis, resulting in a high level of mobility and demand for graduates.  While working toward her MBA, I Chen has also enjoyed the opportunities to travel and take in theater performances on Broadway.




Jon Casciari (MSF+BA concentration)
Vice President, Analytic Consulting Group, Epsilon

Jon is a Vice President in the Analytic Consulting Group at Epsilon with over 10 years of experience in marketing analytics.  His responsibilities include design and management of marketing analytics projects, measuring marketing efficiency, predictive modeling, segmentation, campaign test design and deployment of analytic data marts.  Jon currently specializes in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Epsilon in June of 2006, Jon served as the Manager of Customer Analytics for Bose Corporation where he was responsible for optimizing direct marketing investments by overseeing the reporting, analysis and predictive modeling. Jon holds a B.A. in International Politics from The Pennsylvania State University, M.S. in Finance and a Certificate in Business Data Analysis.




Cesar Hernandez (MBA+ BA concentration/IT, 2012)
Analytics Manager, VistaprintCesar was born and raised in Venezuela. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in one of the top engineering schools in Venezuela. After working for 2 years in a family business, he decided to come to the US to gain more business knowledge. He joined Bentley University in Sept 2010 in the MBA program. Soon after coming to Bentley, he declared a Business Analytics concentration. However, after talking with many professors at Bentley and analyzing the current job trends in the US, he decided to pursue the dual degree MBA / MSIT + Business Analytics Graduate Certificate.  Cesar  will graduate from the MBA / MSIT + Business Analytics Certificate in May 2012 and will start working for Deloitte as a Data Analytics Associate in the Financial Advisory Services division.




Lessia Shajenko (MBA+BA Concentration)
SVP, Data Scientist , Bank of America

Lessia is a Senior Quantitative Analyst on the Information Exchange team in Enterprise Information Management (Technology Division) at Bank of America. In 1999, Professor Dominique Haughton from Bentley University had a networking event for her Business Data Analysis graduate students, and there Lessia made contacts and later interviewed and was offered a position as a graduate summer intern at Fleet Bank, Customer and Data Management group. She remembers that her interviewers were very impressed with her knowledge of factor analysis and how to use the technique and run it in SAS (all learned at ST classes at Bentley). Lessia has been with the bank since then, with a brief stunt at a Scottish marketing technology start-up, Quadstone, now Portrait Software. She enjoys working with customer and transactional data, searching for patterns and trends.