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Anonymous Tip Line

Silent Witness
Welcome to the Bentley Police Department's anonymous on-line crime reporting form. If this is an emergency, or a crime in progress, do not use this form: call 781.891.3131 or 911. If you want to advise the Bentley Police Department of criminal activity in your dorm, building, or work area, please type in the form below. If you wish to be contacted by the investigating officer, please fill out the personal information fields designated by asterisks. 
*Personal information areas are optional.

Instructions: In the fields below please give a detailed description of what happened, type in a complete description of suspect(s) and any other information that will assist in the apprehension of the suspect(s). If a vehicle was used in the commission of this crime, please include the make, model, type, year, color and any other information that could identify the vehicle.


All information submitted is confidential