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How to Apply for an On-Campus Job

Accessing Available On-Campus Positions 

The Student Employment web page lists all available on-campus jobs.  To be able to access and apply for any of these posted positions, you must receive permission from the Student Employment Office.  To receive this permission, you need to email the Student Employment Office and ask to be put on their Waitlist.  The email that Student Employment sends to you will give you the requisite access to the “Self-Service” portal of the MyBentley webpage.

The Hiring Process

After you apply for a position on-line, the hiring manager will email you if s/he wants you to interview. You will receive an email if you are offered the position.  Log on to the Self-Service portal to accept or decline the position.  Ask the employer for the offer letter so you may apply for an SSN.  Complete the form on the CISS website to request the SSN from CISS.

Paperwork to be Completed in Financial Aid Office

  1. Obtain your Social Security Number*
  2. Go to the Financial Aid Office in the Rauch Administration building, Room 104 to complete the Form I-9.

Please Note: International students are not allowed to apply for “Federal Work Study” jobs. 

*See “How to Obtain a Social Security Number (SSN)" for details for receiving your Social Security Number.

Please note that if you are applying for an SSN when you first arrive in the US, you must remember to wait at least 10 days after entering the country to go to the SSA to apply for your SSN.