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Multicultural Center's Student Spotlight

Charbel Hanna

Class of 2018

Major: Managerial Economics- Accounting Concentration

Minor: Sports Management


Charbel Hanna came in as a transfer student, Sophomore year. As a transfer he did not already have friend groups and know what people to connect with, however through ALANA Experience and the MultiCultural Center he received guidance, inspiring him to participate in guiding students himself. He realized how large of an impact mentors could have and from there participated in every mentorship program he could. He was Mosaic Ambassador and from there went on to become a Peer 2 Peer mentor, due to a connection he made with a First-Year during the ALANA Experience program. He is a First Year Seminar and Transfer Student Facilitator as well as works in Career Services and teaches Career Development Introduction (CDI 101). Charbel feels that mentors play such a huge role in a student’s life and strives to help students in the same way the MCC and other mentors helped him when he first got to Bentley. With the help of the MultiCultural Center, Charbel was inducted in the Falcon Society and continues to provide Mentorship and guidance to Bentley Students.


Final thoughts...

“A no is only a no for now”


Shawndy Pierre

Class of 2019

Major: Marketing

Minor: Information Design and Corporate Communications


Shawndy Pierre is a Bentley student who exercises leadership in everything he does. He is currently a Resident Assistant, A Building Manager for SP&E as well and a Project Manager and part of the Strategic Consultants Committee for Bentley’s Service Learning Center. He says all of these jobs require a great deal of leadership because he knows at any given time; someone is looking up to him. His primary project at the Service Learning Center is the STEP Mentoring program which utilizes Bentley's very own STEP First-Year class as mentors for high school First-Years in the Waltham area. Shawndy recognizes the role he can play in the lives of those who look up to him and takes the responsibility seriously by taking initiative and striving to be successful in everything he does. Shawndy says the MultiCultutural Center serves as reminder of where he came from as well as a melting pot of people from both different and similar backgrounds. Regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, affluent or not, the MCC is where everyone comes together.


Final thoughts...

"No matter how hard you strive to be better, stay true to yourself and don't switch up.”


Olive Umeh

Class of 2020

Major: Accounting

Minor: Law


Olive Umeh is a sophomore at Bentley University and has kept herself busy since she first arrived. She participated in the Summer Transition Education Program her first-year and jumped right into leadership positions in cultural organizations from there. This year she is on the e-Board responsible for the revival of Bentley's African Student Association as Events Coordinator. Olive also works as a receptionist in President Gloria Larson’s office. She says this is one of her favorite positions on campus because she has the opportunity to talk to Gloria one on one and uses this time to express how underrepresentation of minorities affects her as a minority student at Bentley. Olive also expresses how integral the MultiCultural Center has been to her student life. The MCC has created a community of people that provide a sense of comfort for those who are otherwise marginalized.


Final Thoughts...

“Life hits you left and right as you try to handle responsibilities.”


Evann Welty

Class of 2021

Major: Undecided

Minor: Law


Evann Welty is a first year student at Bentley. She is from Minnesota, a long ways away from Boston. Here at Bentley she is in the Honors program as well as on the Tennis team. She says Tennis has influenced her attitude towards life and made her independent, self-reliant and competitive. The sport has taught her how to grow from her failures and mistakes and accept that sometimes there is only one winner. On campus, Evann is a general body member of Coming Full Circle, Black United Body and The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, all cultural organizations that were introduced to her through the MOSAIC Program. She says the program introduced her to new people and provides a support system where she has found many of her friends as well as helpful resources on campus.


Final thoughts...

"Even if your past wasn't the way you planned, it doesn't mean the your future can't be brighter the you ever imagined."