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Michael McCorvey

A Native from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michael received a BA from Allegheny College in Communication Arts with a minor in Economics. Additionally, he has an M.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of South Carolina. Michael brings experience from a variety of institutions including St. John’s University, Boston College, Babson and Endicott.  Michael is recently experiencing the joys of parenthood and raising a family. He enjoys spending time with his family as well as indulging in his favorite foods.

Michael has experience working with students on campus having worked as director of housing and residential life. As the Multicultural Center Director, Michael hopes to continue to grow the center, by building strong relationships on campus between students and creating a strong network of resources.  Michael sees the center as a place for students to be educated, create dialogue, and empower students for generations to come in order to establish a diverse background for future business leaders.

As the Multicultural Center Director Michael oversees the daily operations of the office and the creation of educational and social programs to enrich the Bentley community.

Nina DeAgrela
Associate Director

As a first generation college student from Brockton, MA, Nina received her Communications degree with a concentration in Radio Broadcasting at Bridgewater State University and her Master's degree in Higher Education at Salem State University. At both institutions she was heavily involved in Greek Life as a member of the co-ed fraternity, Phi Pi Delta and equally involved in Residence Life, the Residence Hall Association, and NEACURH/NACURH. She is 100% Portuguese-American (by way of the island of Madeira) and couldn't be prouder of her culture. Her personal and professional experiences empower her passion for learning, culture, music, food, babies, all animals but especially dogs, and engaging with her students.

Prior to becoming a part of the MCC, Nina was the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and the Director of Judicial Programs at Bentley University from 2006 to 2011. She believes in the power of conversation - even though tough ones need to be had, she'll always do it with care and compassion.

In the MCC, Nina is responsible for the MOSAIC Experience Program, Open Call Conversations, and the Peer2Peer Mentoring Program. Additionally, she runs a series for students called First Fridays, where various offices/groups across campus come to get to know students all the while helping them better understand their allies and resources across campus. She also currently chairs the First Generation Task Force, a new initiative to help first gen students succeed at Bentley and beyond. She particularly enjoys advising first-year or new to Bentley (transfer) students and showing them all that Bentley has to offer. She is founding member and core  LEAD mentor for the sophomore student leader program. Additionally, she advises the Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA).

Claudette Blot
STEP Director/Program Coordinator

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Claudette received her bachelor’s degree from Wilberforce University in biology/pre-medicine with a concentration in environmental studies. Prior to coming to Bentley, Claudette was a part of a psychological treatment team for Goldberg Associates located at the Bridgewater State Hospital. 

As Director of the Summer Transition Education Program, Claudette is responsible for the recruitment, retention and development and implementation of the curriculum for the summer component of the program. She is also responsible for the advisement and social involvement for all students in the program. As program coordinator, it is her job to help provide diverse programs and service initiatives for students on campus. She also conducts training for our summer faculty, summer transition assistants, orientation leaders and peer advisers.

Most recently, Claudette became the senior board member of the Higher Education Resource Center of Brockton Workshop, which is offered in educational workshops and career planning for student is middle school to senior year with the Brockton Public School System and Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and other Community Partnership and Leadership programs. This program is designed to help at risk young people go to college and successed once they get there.

Claudette was honored with an award from National Association of Black Accountants for her invaluable service to the Community Outreach Service Program. She has been awarded the Women of the Year award, The Staff Member of the year award, Adviser of the Year, as well as Bentley University Founder’s Day Award. Her commitment to the community and the young people is newsworthy.


The Street Team

The Multicultural Center Street team consists of seven dedicated students whose mission is to promote diversity by supporting the center’s programs and initiatives. Pictured from left to right are: Marcos: Peer2Peer student coordinator, Anapaula: Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Regi: Social Media Specialist, Yoanna: Student Supervisor, Denzel: Social Media Specialist, Monique: Website Coordinator, and Rabbi: Operations Manager.