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Health Coaching

Health Coaching

If you are considering a change toward a healthier behavior and would like support along the way—we’re here to help! 
You are expert at being you and we are the campus experts in health behavior change. As coaches we support you in creating changes
that meet your goals. 

Why coaching?

Health coaching can help students in many ways including:

  • general adjustment to campus
  • sleep
  • managing stress
  • time management
  • healthy eating
  • fitness
  • alcohol, tobacco, or other substance use
  • and more!

What's the process/commitment like?

Students meet with a coach for an hour long intake visit to discuss their desired goals. Together, coaches and students identify how their unique strengths can contribute to their goals, barriers to achieving desired goals and outline feasible steps and accountability measures to achieving their goals. Students typically attend 1-2 more 30 minute coaching sessions to evaluate progress. The process provides high impact with minimal commitment. 

Scheduling an appointment

Students should call 781.891.2600 or visit the Wellness & Health Promotion Office located on the 2nd floor of the Callahan building (above University Police).