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Peer Education Programs

Wellness Educators

The Wellness Educators enrich, educate, and motivate change in the Bentley community on the topic of lifelong wellness through programming, events, activities, workshops, and outreach. Using the Wellness Wheel model, the We's aim to provide a multidimensional approach for students to explore well being.

Signature Events

  • Goodnight Falcon Learn how to maximize Zzz's in order to get A's at this annual sleep campaign and event
  • Red Ribbon Week Many community members are affected by substance abuse, Red Ribbon week focusses on community connection and empowerment
  • We Happier Hours Daily stress reduction opportunities around exam periods
  • I'mPerfect Week celebrates what make you, you! This program promotes body postivity, self-love, self-care and resiliency
  • Stress Reduction and Sleep Group Programs We's come to your floor or student organization and facilitate a discussion and dialogue
  • Disconnect Dinner promotes connecttion with people not phones. Unplugging from technology allows students to strengthen relationships, recover from stress and over stimulation, and increase sleep performance
  • Adulting 101 Series Learn to do "grown-up" things that are not covered in the classroom such as navigating health insurance, changing a flat tire, choosing a bank account and more!
  • Supporting campus events such as National Screening Days, Fresh Check Day and Consent Day