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How do I do it?

There are many ways to choose OneLess! Consuming less alcohol than you typically do can lead to more money in your pocket, more energy, and better grades! 

  • You can choose to consume OneLess drink when you go out. If you typically drink 5 drinks, start drinking 4!
  • You can choose to drink alcohol less frequently. For students who may choose to drink 2 nights a week, cut back to 1 night at least 1 week each month.
  • You can also choose a drink that contains less alcohol like choosing beer over jungle juice.
  • You can choose OneLess drinking game too! If you do choose to play, maybe drink water instead of alcohol, or play OneLess round.
  • If you pre-game, you can choose OneLess drink before you go out, or eliminate the pre-game alltogther.
  • Students can also choose OneLess by subbing in MORE non-alcoholic drinks through the night. Try drinking 1 non-alcoholic drink in between each alcoholic one.
  • OneLess can also mean measuring your drinks


If you choose to drink mixed drinks, use a shot glass to measure out the amount of alcohol going into the cup.

You can also use the lines on a solo cup to help you out!