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STEP Class

The STEP class of 2019 is a group of creative, enthusiastic, and amicable individuals that are determined to use their skills to excel academically at Bentley University.

This group of intelligent students is interested in majors such as accounting, finance and management, as well as various liberal studies majors. 

Many of the 2019 STEP students expressed that they want to make a difference on campus by joining organizations such as NABA, ALPFA, FIRE, Bentley Investment Group and LCL. 

This class is eager to work on campus, attend sporting events, make strong connections with faculty and be the motivational influence in all of their classes.   

This summer allowed many of the STEP students to learn more about themselves as students, potential employees, and most importantly as individuals.

The students had the chance to embrace their qualities and showcase them when interacting with peers, staff members, professors and the many professionals they met during their corporate visits.