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Professional Standards, Complaints, Compliments

The Bentley University Police Department strives to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. This is vital to us fulfilling our responsibility to protect students, faculty, staff and the thousands of yearly visitors to our campus. Professional Standards is designed to ensure that our department members maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism in their daily duties.

Professional Standards

•    Provides prompt investigation of alleged misconduct against members of the department
•    Provides citizens, students, faculty and staff an avenue for redress
•    Protects employees from false or malicious charges
•    Provides the department with feedback to help improve operations
•    Provides the public a way to give recognition of excellence to a member of the Bentley Police Department

The Bentley University Police Department takes its obligation to investigate all allegations of police misconduct very seriously. To file a complaint against any member of the police department or to have an officer commended for a job well done you may do any of the following;

  1. Contact the Police Communications Center at 781-891-2201 or go to the Callahan Police Station and request to see a supervisory officer. A supervisor will respond and take the initial complaint, which most often can be resolved expeditiously at that level. Should any complaint require additional investigation, the matter will be referred to the Chief of Police who will assign the matter for investigation and appropriate action will be taken.
  2. Fill out the appropriate online form: Compliment Form or Complaint Form. For a downloadable and printable format, click here for the compliment form PDF or click here for the complaint form PDF. If you wish to remain anonymous, please leave blank the fields that would identify you.  The IP address of the computer you are using to submit the form will be recorded, but it will be kept in confidence. 
  3. Mail your compliment or complaint to: Chief Ernest H. Leffler, Callahan Police Station, 175 Forest St. Waltham, MA 02452 or email to

All complaints can be made anonymously, however, a complete investigation may not be possible without the ability to follow-up on information provided.