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Dining Services

For all information regarding Dining Services please click HERE.  

Meal Plan Rates

Please see our housing and meal plan contract for all plans and pricing information, click HERE

For information on the Meal Plan Exemption process click HERE

How to Change Your Meal Plan

If you wish to add, change, or drop your plan, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the Housing Student Self-Service
  2. Click on the Meal Plan tab (at the top of your screen)
  3. Click Select/Change My Plan
  4. Make sure that Select a Term reads: Spring 2018, then click the Submit button
    • If you are in meal plan mandatory area, then you can change your meal plan to the options below.
    • If you’re in a non-meal plan mandatory area, then you can add, change or drop your meal plan. This portal will also allow for you to confirm that you do not have a meal plan.
    • If you’re returning from education abroad, then you cannot drop your meal plan until it is confirmed (by January 4th) that you will be living in a non-meal plan mandatory area.

Meal Plan Options:

  • Miller, Slade, and Trees Complex Residents: All first-year students must have the Super Value or Value 15 meal plans. Upper-class students may choose the Unlimited or Value 15 meal plan.
  • Forest, Kresge, Copley North, Copley South, Fenway, and Boylston Attic Residents:  All residents of these buildings, regardless of class year, must have either Unlimited, Value 15, or Value 12 meal plan.
  • Falcones, North Campus, Orchards, Boylston (Non-Attic), Rhodes, Collins, Stratton, Cape, and Castle Residents: All residents of these buildings, regardless of class year, are not required to have a meal plan, but if you would like to select one, then you can choose between Unlimited, Value 15, Value 12, the Block 60, or the Apartment Plan meal plan.