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University Police

Our mission is to provide quality police, security, and related public safety services to the Bentley community, helping ensure our campus remains a safe and pleasant place in which to live work and study.

The men and women of University Police are dedicated to maintaining a safe campus atmosphere for all individuals. However, we can only achieve a truly safe campus through the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff. Each of us must assume personal responsibility by reporting and taking precautions to prevent ourselves from being victimized.

While the reported crime at Bentley is comparatively low, we must all keep in mind that crime does exist. By working together and embracing a community policing philosophy, we can be successful in minimizing the incidents of crime on our campus.


Ernest H. Leffler
Executive Director of Public Safety
Chief of Police



University Police officers are commissioned in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 22c, Section 63 of Massachusetts General Laws. They have full law enforcement authority, including arrest, in and upon all property owned, occupied or used by Bentley University. They patrol the campus 24 hours per day, year-round to provide a safe environment.


Ernest Leffler
Executive Director Of Public Safety 

Chief of Police
Diana Tisbert
Assistant to the Director
Dottie McGuire
Technical Project Coordinator
Melissa Diglio
Card Program Administrator


Bill Williams


Taylor Collins

Carmelo Echevarria

Floyd Johns

Robert Lynn
Glen Preston
Denis Russell
David Wade

Detective Sergeants

Leonard Imbracsio
Jessica Roche


Tobe Bartkus

Julie Davie

Matthew Doucot
Emily Evans

Andrew Giebel

Ryan Haney

Andrew Himmer

Danielle Meroli

Jonathan Rose


Michael Amrock

Robert Largenton

Erin Lydon

Phong Vuong

Security Officers

James Ardizzoni
William Kelley
Kevin Robertson
Robert Tieri
Tony Zatoonian





























Please visit the Careers at Bentley site for job opportunities within the University Police Department.