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Crime Reporting & Prevention

Anonymous Tip Line

If you need to report on-campus criminal behavior, you may use our online anonymous tip line to do so confidentially. Do not use this form to report an emergency or crime in progress; in these situations, call University Police at 781.891.3131 or 911.

Crime Notifications

We make diligent efforts to advise our community about crime and crime-related problems, and take this duty to inform the university very seriously. Notification about on-campus crime and criminal activity is provided in a timely and accurate fashion through the following methods:

  • Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report: We publish and widely distribute a comprehensive annual report of crime-related information and statistics. This report is available to the media and all members of the campus community upon request.

  • Special alerts: If circumstances warrant, special alerts are prepared and distributed throughout the campus, including postings on the doors of residence halls.

  • Public log: We prepare and maintain an incident log available for the sole purpose of public viewing. You may review the log during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Crime Prevention

It is important that all community members take actions to keep themselves and our campus safe, including:

  1. Lock residence hall doors: Residence hall rooms are seldom broken into with the use of physical force; a burglar doesn't have to waste energy when the doors are already unlocked. Lock your door whenever you leave the room to go to a friend's room, and don't give out the combination to your room. Lock your door when you sleep.

  2. Don’t prop open doors: The residence halls are for the use of residents and their guests. Leaving the outside doors propped open allows uninvited people into the building. The outside doors are kept locked 24-hours per day.

  3. Report suspicious people: There are people who roam the residence halls looking for an unlocked door so they can walk in and steal. If asked what they are doing, they usually say they are looking for a fictitious person who lives in the building, or that they are looking for a party. Report these people to University Police immediately by calling 781.891.3131. University Police officers will escort the individuals from the building or take other appropriate action.