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Life Safety Services

Our Mission

Bentley University is committed to protecting the integrity of the institution's human, physical, and financial resources. We recognize our responsibility to manage our business in such a way that these resources are conserved and utilized effectively and safely. Accordingly, our policy is to:

  • Furnish workplaces free from recognized hazards which are likely to cause death, injury or illness.

  • Comply with laws and regulations set forth pertaining to safety, environmental, health and fire safety.

  • Recognize that safety and health issues are accepted as a high-priority of concern at Bentley University.

  • Provide a professional safety department that acts as a resource to promote and support safety and health programs. Assist in employee training and interpretations of applicable codes.

  • Hold every employee accountable for attending safety training as required and to comply with all safety policies and procedures as necessary.

  • Develop and implement a Safety Procedures and Policies Manual, outlining specific safety policies and procedures adopted at Bentley University.

  • Monitor and audit safety training and policy development on an annual basis.

Ergonomic evaluations available upon request.

For information on training topics and scheduling, contact life safety services.