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Division of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs comprises the following departments, centers and offices:

Strategic Plan


As a key component of a Bentley education, the Division of Student Affairs will be known for creating a distinctive student experience.


We create a distinctive learning environment with strong values intended to foster student development beyond the classroom by maximizing opportunities to live what is learned.

Preparation for Life and Work

Work is only a part of life, and Bentley students are being educated for both. Success in a career cannot come at the expense of a fulfilling life.

  • Strong connections to the academic experience are intentionally created
  • Commitment to diverse interactions at every level
  • Environments are designed to make student learning part of student living
  • Autonomy, interdependence, leadership, and integrity are realized by all students

Balance in Class and Life

The complexity of life requires that those who are to be successful will master many skills. Depth and breadth of experience is the path to the future.

  • A community is created that values health and wellness
  • Students are provided strong opportunities for fitness, intramurals, and club sports
  • Ethics and socially responsible decision-making are promoted throughout campus life
  • Fostering commitment to programs, activities, and organizations while achieving high academic standards

Pride in the Campus and Self

Full appreciation of the environment that shapes personal growth and education is vital to continuing the success of students and the university.

  • Varsity athletics are academically and athletically competitive
  • Events, programs, and traditions are designed to solidify the Bentley community
  • Community spirit is built through a student-centered philosophy
  • Investment in quality facilities, our mission, and our community is essential for success 

Annual Report

Every year, the 11 departments within the Division of Student Affairs submit an annual report that includes:

  • Department Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Highlights and Challenges
  • Assessment
  • Vision for Upcoming Year
  • Staff Achievements
  • Departmental Data

2018 Annual Report


Diversity Report

This annual report is broken down into three sections that correspond to our strategic objectives around diversity and inclusion:

  • Divisional Development
  • Student Support
  • Diverse Interactions

2017 Diversity Report