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Ethics Policy

Bentley is a community of faculty, staff and students who are committed to learning. To maintain and nurture our community and to maximize the learning process, we embrace the Bentley Beliefs, which govern our conduct in classrooms, residence halls and places of work.

Bentley expects all members of the campus community, students, faculty and staff alike, to adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct and integrity. Bentley seeks to instill a sense of business ethics in its students, and our faculty and staff lead the ethics initiative by example. Bentley faculty and staff members are required to appreciate the general scope and application of business ethics in an institute of higher learning, and to abide by Bentley’s Code of Ethics.

As noted in the Introduction to the Code, our Code of Ethics is supported by a College-wide Ethics Committee.

Judith Malone, Bentley's General Counsel, is currently serving as the University's Ethics Officer (781-891-2016).

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