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HerStory: Women Leaders of Today

The CWB works closely with HerStory: Women Leaders of Today (HerStory) to help community members gain an understanding of gender diversity issues and women's leadership. This includes a presentation by a CWB professional staff to the HerStory members, describing the alumni networking opportunities and special events that raise awareness and build important skills. All HerStory events are designed to help prepare women to enter the workplace with more confidence and business savvy.

Housed within the Trees Complex, HerStory: Women Leaders of Today, provides a space for women to interact with and live amongst women who share passion for women’s issues. Participants will have an opportunity to share their story and hear others, fostering an environment of mutual empowerment. Through intentional programming, conference participation, and numerous opportunities to be a part of a strong women’s community, residents of the floor will not only be prepared to join and embrace the business world, but will realize and utilize their critical role in their local, national and global communities as women.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Women in this community will gain confidence in sharing their story as a women leader.
  • Women in this community will engage in meaningful conversations about women’s history and the importance of further advancement.
  • Women in this community will engage in opportunities to explore such topics as, personal leadership style, confidence, gender diversity, and contemporary workplace issues.
  • Women in this community will identify issues of women’s leadership through attendance at guest speakers, presentations, conferences, and networking events.

Please note: HerStory: Women Leaders of Today is open to all first-year women. You do not need to be part of the Women's Leadership Program (WLP) to live in this community and WLP participants are not required to live in the community. The programs are separate.