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Noteworthy Research Studies and Reports

The CWB develops curated research reports on key gender and workplace diversity topics:

Current, noteworthy studies inform and inspire organizations and individuals to take action and create an inclusive workplace where women can reach their full potential.

Topics Include:

Gender Diversity: A Business Imperative

Leadership and the Status of Women in the Workplace

Advancing Women as Leaders in the Private Sector
Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders, 2018

Women in the Workplace
Mckinsey & Company, 2018

Closing the Gap: Leadership Perspectives on Promoting Women in Financial Services
McKinsey & Company, 2018

State of Women's Leadership Development in Massachusetts 2018
The Commonwealth Institute (TCI), 2018

Time to Talk: What has to change for women at work
PwC, 2018

When She Rises, We all Rise
Accenture, 2018

The Female Leadership Crisis
Network of Executive Women, 2018

Women in Leadership, Tackling Corporate Culture from the Top
Rockerfeller Foundation, 2017

Claiming the corner office: Female CEO careers and implications for leadership development
Wiley, 2017

Day-to-Day Experiences of Emotional Tax Among Women and Men of Color in the Workplace
Catalyst, 2017

State of the American Workplace
Gallup, 2017

Women CEOs Speak
Korn Ferry, 2017

Journey to CFO: What's changed for women in 2017?
Deloitte, 2017 

The Status of Black Women in the United States
Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2017 

The 2017 Census on Women Directors and Executive Officers
The Boston Club, 2017 

Women in the Workplace
McKinsey & Company, 2017 

The Data on Women Leaders 
Pew Research Center, 2017 

Women in S&P 500 Companies
Catalyst, 2017

Dispelling the Myths of the Gender “Ambition Gap”
BCG, 2017

Charting the Course: Getting Women to the Top
Bain & Co and LinkedIn, 2017

Women in Business: Turning Promise Into Practice
Grant Thorton, 2016

Women in the Workplace
McKinsey & Company, 2016

Barriers and Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership
AAUW, 2016

Women Matter 2016: Reinventing the workplace to unlock the potential of gender diversity
McKinsey & Company, 2016

Breadwinning Mothers Are Increasingly the U.S. Norm 
Center for American Progress, 2016

KPMG Women's Leadership Study
KPMG, 2015

Women in the Workplace
McKinsey & Company, 2015

State of the American Manager
Gallup, 2015

Everyday Moments of Truth: Frontline Managers Are Key to Women's Career Aspirations
Bain & Company, 2014

The CS Gender 3000: Women in Senior Management
Credit Suisse, 2014

Unlocking the Full Potential of Women at Work
McKinsey & Company, 2012

The Double Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership
Catalyst, 2007 

Women on Boards

Early Leadership Development

Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests
Journal of Science Magazine, 2017

Men as Allies

The Status of Men as Allies for Multicultural Women
Working Mother, 2017  

Men in the Workplace: An in-depth exploration of what men think of gender diversity in the workplace
Fairygodboss, 2017  

Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: Stacking the Deck for Success
Catalyst, 2009  

Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: What Change Agents Need to Know
Catalyst, 2009  

Workplace Flex

Re-Engaging Talent Post- Maternity Leave: Enablers and Barriers to Positive Reintegration
DCU Business School, 2018

The Future is Flexible: The Importance of Flexibility in the Modern Workplace
Werk, 2018

Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace
Deloitte, 2018

"The Once" Alternative Workplace Strategies
Global Workplace Analytics, 2018

Trends in Workplace Flexibility
Flex Jobs/World at Work, 2017

Independent Work: Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy
McKinsey & Company, 2016

Quality of life: Balancing Work-Life Demands
PWC, 2016

Flexible Work, Flexible Penalties: The Effect of Gender, Childcare, and Type of Request on the Flexibility Bias
Project Muse, 2016

Survey on Workplace Flexibility
WorldatWork, 2015

The 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study, 2015 

SHRM Research: Flexible Work Arrangements
Society for Human Resource Management, 2015

Caregiving in the US
National Alliance for Caregiving & AARP, 2015

Work-Life Balance and the Economics of Workplace Flexibility
The Council of Economic Advisors, 2014

Leveraging Workplace Flexibility for Engagement and Productivity
Society for Human Resource Management/Success Factors, 2014

A Flex-able Future: Integrating Flexibility at Financial Institutions
PWC, 2014

Flex Works
Catalyst, 2013

The Great Debate: Flexibility vs. Face Time—Busting the Myths Behind Flexible Work Arrangements
Catalyst, 2013

PwC's NextGen: A Global Generational Study
PWC, 2013

Flex Strategies to Attract, Engage, & Retain Older Workers
Boston College: Sloan Center on Aging & Work, 2012

The Gender Wage Gap

The Slowly Narrowing Gender Wage Gap
Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2018

The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap
AAUW, 2018

5 Keys to Getting Compensation Right
Wllis Tower Watson, 2018

Do Women Ask?
Wiley Library, 2018

The Pipeline Problem: How College Majors Contribute to the Gender Pay Gap
Glassdoor, 2017 

The Gender Wage Gap: 2017 Earning Differences by Race and Ethnicity
Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2017

The Economic Impact of Equal Pay by State
Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2017

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap
American Association of University Women, 2015

The Status of Women in the States: 2015 (full report)
Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2015

How Equal Pay for Working Women would Reduce Poverty and Grow the American Economy
Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2014

Multigenerational Workforce

Unconscious Bias 

Women Entrepreneurs/VC

The 2017 State of Women-Owned Business Report
American Express, 2017

Women in Tech/STEM