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About Us

The Center for Marketing Technology is on the cutting edge of marketing, research, technology and strategy. Students, educators and business partners have daily access to the latest trends, newest technologies and in-depth research that is shaping the future of marketing practices. Outside-the-box thinking is highly encouraged and new ideas are constantly emerging from a variety of fun and exciting projects.


Our corporate clients in the United States and abroad benefit from collaborations and strategic consulting projects with the CMT. They also enjoy access to world class marketing expertise, experienced CMT team members and the center's cutting edge marketing technology. Additionally, clients benefit from impartial insights that are provided through surveys, data research and focus group activities. Our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality research that assists in the development of new marketing strategies that meet the needs of today’s consumers and that keep pace with the newest global trends.

Marketing Research

Annually, the CMT hosts on average 250 focus groups and over 150 e-surveys targeting groups from 1,000 to over 100,000 respondents. Our client and project list span the worlds of consumer goods, retail, finance, healthcare, technology, government, healthcare, and education. Marketing analytics, primary and secondary research, digital marketing and social media tools are used to develop critical insights into consumer, industry and organizational behavior. This CMT research impacts major product launches, sales and marketing strategies, pre-and post-purchase planning, and return-on-investment decisions.


At the CMT, students are also given the opportunity to gain hands on experience with the latest marketing technology. The marketing faculty at Bentley University draw on the center's rich resources to teach a highly innovative curriculum. For example, Bentley's integrated business and marketing courses, as well as corporate immersion projects use the high tech, marketing specific capabilities of the CMT. These opportunities give students the ability to develop key technical skills that are essential for future marketing professionals.