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The CMT hosts events on the cutting edge of marketing, business and technology. Events include conferences, reserach forums, panel discussions and users groups. We partner with the academic community, businesses, as well as organizations such as the American Marketing Association, MITX, SEMPO and QRCA.


Current Events 2015

What is body language, and why is it Important in Business? with Don Khoury, a leading authority on body language in business

Friday, February 13, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EST)

Words alone rarely reflect a person’s full meaning and motive. Studies into Body Language, or Nonverbal Communication show that over 80% of what others “hear” from our conversation is communicated nonverbally.
Learning the nuances of Body Language in business situations, in terms of your appearance, office environment and the movements and gestures of your body, is essential to any business person engaged in developing client relationships – selling, negotiating, consulting, advising and teaching.

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Past Events

Executive Roundtable - NYC

On May 28, 2014, Ian Cross, the Director of Center for Marketing Technology
at Bentley University joined the Chief Digital Officer to moderate
the Executive Roundtable Series: Social Media Strategy in New York City.

While social media’s importance in virtually every marketer’s toolkit is
increasing with each passing day, success has been elusive. Indeed, in a
recent survey of 395 marketers and ebusiness executives by Forrester, the
group reported that Facebook “creates less business value than any other
digital marketing opportunity”, and only 55% of companies that market on
Twitter say they’re “satisfied” with the business value they achieve.

In many ways, these findings should come as no surprise. Given the meteoric
growth of social media as a category in recent years, it’s no wonder that
executives are struggling to keep up on this dynamic sector of digital
marketing and find the key to unlocking the value of social media. Though, as
social media becomes increasingly linked to overall corporate performance,
many marketing and non-marketing executives find themselves tasked with
defining the path to success — and quickly.

During this executive roundtable session, Chief Digital Officer assembled
a group of experienced marketing professionals to explore the topic of
‘Social Media Strategy’, and discuss the issues from an executive-level
perspective. Attendees will learn best practices from recognized experts, and
share tales with like-minded colleagues in an intimate, low–pressure

For more information please visit the Chief Digital Officer website.

Executive Roundtable - Charlotte

I'm pleased to announce that Professor Ian Cross of the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University will be joining us next Wednesday, April 23rd in Charlotte to moderate the executive roundtable. He is tasked with ensuring a insightful discussion about Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy with the panelist group, comprised of senior digital professionals from Twitter,, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Professor Cross entered academia in 2001, following a career in the private sector that included senior marketing positions at IBM, Thomson Reuters, and Eastman Kodak. In 2007, he managed the launch of the Center for Marketing Technology, and as its director he oversees 250 focus groups and surveys each year.

On April 12, 2014, CMT hosted an Evolution Fashion Show with Converse on the Open House event. Click here!


2011 Events

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The Future of Marketing in Sports Entertainment

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2010 Events

David Meerman Scott