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Student Feedback

How Corporate Immersion Classes Have Helped Students Get Internships, Fulltime Jobs and Accelerate Their Careers.

Sperry Top-Sider: Keri Anderson '06 MBA, Sperry Top-Sider's e-commerce manager, and Alex Proelss '11 MSREM with High Distinction, Sperry Top-Sider's retail marketing manager, talk about how they helped to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between their employer and their alma mater.

Alex Sun '08 MBA

"I discovered my passion in the automotive industry by working on the MazdaUSA CI project, and the connections I made through the project got me my internship at Microsoft and then my first job in 2008, a very difficult time for even American students to find a job, and I was an international student. From the first class we were put in front of business executives from a start-up company and working with them to solve real problems, after an exciting semester we actually have the opportunity to put our business plan into action and join the company to work full-time! I had my best time at Bentley from the CI classes, working with our team late in the CMT, presenting to business leaders knowing our research made an impact, it prepared us to face the real business work while we are still at school...going to b-school is a safe bet and you need to take more risks, the most risky thing you can do is to face the real world and learn and create while you are in the school, and CI classes give you exactly that. Corporate Immersion Classes demand the best work from its students, you learn so much and in this journey you find your career passion, your longtime friends from your team  and your first business connections."