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Instructions to Authors

Case studies should make it clear from the outset the audience the case wishes to reach, the main techniques that are being demonstrated, and the approximate level of statistical analysis needed to understand the case (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced).

The writing style should be clear and should avoid unnecessary complications, with a focus on writing to a particular audience. Cases should be presented in such a way that a reader from the targeted audience will be able to perform the analysis in the case with the author's guidance. The dataset used in the analysis should be submitted with the case and be accompanied by suitable documentation.

In cases where for reasons of confidentiality the data and/or the identity of the data source were masked, the text should indicate so.

While there is no formal length limitation, cases will normally not exceed approximately 10,000 words. Cases should be written in the English language.

Cases will be refereed typically within six weeks at most after an initial editorial review. Criteria for acceptance will include level of interest, correctness, and quality of writing.

The Editorial Board endeavors to encourage revision from cases wich carry potential but need improved writing.

Authors who are interested in writing cases but lack suitable data should feel free to contact the journal at with a writing sample (such as a published paper or preprint) and a mention of the author's general interest, since we might be able to provide data in some situations.

To submit a case study, please follow instructions on