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Volume 2 Number 1

Typical waste situation in Dakar, Senegal From Figure 1, Collecting Household Waste in Dakar: Does it Cost That Much? An Application of Contingent Valuation, by Ahmadou Aly Mbaye.


Volume 2, Number 1, May 2008
 Editor's ForewordDominique Haughton
1Estimation of Air Traffic Loss at Toulouse Blagnac Airport after September 11, 2001 AttacksYves Aragon and Sandrine Gnassoupdf
9Critical-Thinking Assessment: A Case Applying Resampling to Analyze the Sensitivity of a Hypothesis Test to ConfoundingWilliam Goodmanpdf
21Practical Considerations when Estimating in the Presence of AutocorrelationSanjiv Jaggia and Alison Kelly-Hawkepdf
28Collecting Household Waste in Dakar: Does it Cost that Much?Ahmadou Aly Mbayepdf
38Neural Computing: Application in Non-Invasive Cancer DetectionFlorin Gorunescu, Marina Gorunescu, Smaranda Gorunescu, Adrian Saftoiu and Peter Vilmannpdf
45Vagaries of the Euro: An Introduction to ARIMA ModelingGuillaume Weisang and Yukika Awazupdf
56Introduction to Scoring Methods: Farm Holdings Financial ProblemsDominique Desboispdf
78Determining Uses and Gratifications for Indian Internet UsersSanjit Kumar Roypdf


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Dominique Haughton, editor-in-chief, Bentley University

Christine Thomas-Agnan, co-editor, Université Toulouse I

Kai W. Ng, co-editor, University of Hong Kong