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Volume 3 Number 1

Kohonen U-matrix From Figure 5, Exploratory Analysis of CIA Factbook Data Using Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps by Guangying Hua, Maria Skaletsky and Kimberly Westermann.
Volume 3, Number 1, July 2009
 Editor's ForewordDominique Haughton 
1Three Non-Linear Statistical Methods for Analyzing PM10 Pollution in the Rouen AreaFrancois-Xavier Jollois, Jean-Michel Poggi and Bruno Portierpdf
18The Bayesian Bootstrap in a Predictive Power AnalysisLes Husonpdf
23A Marketing Model Using Enhancement VariablesNorean Sharpe and Abdul Alipdf
30Applying Monte Carlo Simulation to Determine the Likelihood of Cheating on a Multiple-Choice Professional ExamRobert DiSario, Alan Olinsky, John Quinn and Phyllis Schumacherpdf
37Empirical Modeling of Air-Tightness in Residential Homes in North LouisianaJinson Erinjeri, Raja Nassar, Myron Katz and Norman Witriolpdf
48Exploratory Analysis of CIA Factbook Data Using Kohonen Self-Organizing MapsGuangying Hua, Maria Skaletsky and Kimberly Westermannpdf

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Dominique Haughton, editor-in-chief, Bentley University  

John Bacon-Shone, co-editor Asia, University of Hong Kong

Christine Thomas-Agnan, co-editor Europe, Université Toulouse I

Kai W. Ng, methodology editor, University of Hong Kong