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Volume 5 Number 1

Associating Poverty Rates and Totals with GDP/capita for Major Regions From Figure 3, Bubble Rap: Visualizing Poverty Dynamics, by Jonathan Haughton.
Volume 5, Number 1, October 2012
 Editor's ForewordDominique Haughtonpdf
1An EM-Algorithm-Based Approach for Predicting Teacher Candidates' Success on the Communication and Literacy Skills Test for Educator LicensureKimberly S. Sofronas, Matthew A. Tom and Josh Ledermanpdf
12Assessing Gradient Boosting in the Reduction of Misclassification Error in the Prediction of Success for Actuarial MajorsAlan Olinsky, Kristin Kennedy and Bonnie Brayton Kennedypdf
17The Use of the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities in the Identification of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in HIV-Infected ChildrenMiriam Chernoff, Heather Ford-Chatterton
and Marilyn J. Crain
32Measuring Changes in the Distribution of Incident-Outcome Severities: A Tool for Safety ManagementWilliam M. Goodmanpdf
44Modeling the Number of Research Papers Produced by Graduate Students Using Zero-Inflated ModelsTasneem Zaihrapdf
51Visualizing More Than Twenty Years of Flight Data for the Raleigh-Durham International AirportMichael T. Crottypdf
58Exploring the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Mobile Technology in Africa: An application of Directed Acyclic GraphsOlumayokun Soremekun and Charles A. Malgwipdf
67Bubble Rap: Visualizing Poverty DynamicsJonathan Haughtonpdf

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Dominique Haughton, editor-in-chief, Bentley University

Christine Thomas-Agnan, Europe co-editor, Toulouse School of Economics