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Volume 6 Issue 1

Communities within the crisis monetary help network
Volume 6, Number 1, 2015
 Editor's ForewordChristine Thomas-Agnanpdf
1How to elicit a cost function? Lessons of hope and disappointment from a diced bacon case-studyNathalie Commeau and Eric Parentpdf
16Modelling finger force produced from different tasks using linear mixed models with lme R functionCaroline Bazzoli, Frédérique Letué and Marie-José Martinezpdf
37A comparative study of reciprocity in two rural social networks in Tamil Nadu, IndiaSubramanian Arumugam, Dominique Haughton, Balasubramanian Vasanthi and Changan Zhangpdf
47Mixture of linear regression models for short term PM10 forecasting in Haute Normandie (France)Michel Misiti, Yves Misiti, Jean-Michel Poggi and Bruno Portierpdf

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Christine Thomas-Agnan, editor-in-chief, Toulouse School of Economics

Dominique Haughton, U.S. co-editor, Bentley University