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Faculty Awards

The objective of the two Bentley Service-Learning Faculty Awards is to recognize Bentley faculty who have contributed to the promotion of service-learning in the academic life of Bentley and in the wider community.

The Bentley Curricular Service-Learning Faculty Award is given for specific service-learning course projects incorporated into course curricula. A curricular service-learning project offered for consideration may incorporate any of the following curricular iterations of service-learning as sponsored by the Service-Learning Center:

  • ID120 Service-Learning 4th-credit option projects
  • Embedded service-learning course projects
  • ID421 Interdisciplinary Internship service-learning projects

The Awards Subcommittee particularly welcomes projects that demonstrate faculty initiative in designing the service project, finding the appropriate community partner and introducing that partner to the service-learning program, overseeing project interaction between students and the community partner, and/or incorporating valuable critical thinking exercises into the course curriculum. A maximum of two Curricular Service-Learning Awards will be given each year.

The Bentley Community Service Faculty Award is given to a faculty member who contributes his or her professional expertise in service to the wider community. Such service may include service to nonprofit, philanthropic, public service, and communitarian entities. The Awards Sub-committee particularly welcomes those applications that provide evidence that the applicant has created and utilized a mechanism whereby his or her professional service is modeled to Bentley students either in courses taught by the applicant or in some other campus forum. A maximum of two Community Service Faculty Awards will be given each year.

Each award includes a $2,000 honorarium and a certificate of recognition. If more than one faculty member participates in the same service project as described herein, all participating members will receive a pro-rata share of the $2,000 honorarium. A faculty member may not apply for both a curricular service-learning and a community service award during the same year.

In addition to receiving the honorarium and the certificate of recognition, recipients of the award agree to participate as panelists in a discussion for the general faculty that showcases their service projects and the impacts of those projects on student learning. The panel discussion will be facilitated by the Bentley Service-Learning Center and will be scheduled during the subsequent academic year.

Selection Criteria: Curricular Service-Learning Faculty Award

The primary criterion for granting the curricular award is the project’s value in enhancing the learning of the students involved in a service-learning project. There must be evidence that the service-learning project has contributed significantly to the educational experience of the students involved. Such evidence may include evaluations from other faculty and students, evaluations from site supervisors, and empirical data regarding student achievement and interest. Empirical data should include descriptions and/or samples of reflection assignments and anonymous student responses to such assignments.

Other criteria upon which the award is based include the level of community need served by the project; the quality of the service rendered; testimonials regarding project outcome.

Selection Criteria: Community Service Faculty Award

The primary criterion for granting the community service award is the quality and value of an applicant’s professional expertise contributed in service to the wider community. Specifically, the applicant should:

  • Demonstrate a sustained effort in community outreach and professional service;
  • Utilize imaginative or innovative approaches to service;
  • Serve as a community service model to students at Bentley;
  • Present evidence of the success of the service provided to the wider community through scholarly output, community impact, and/or student learning.
  • Other criteria upon which the award is based include the level of community need served by the project; the quality of the service rendered; testimonials regarding project outcome.

Selection Process

The Awards Subcommittee of the Service-Learning Faculty Advisory Board will select the award winners. Members of the subcommittee are not eligible to receive an award.

The subcommittee may collect additional materials, written or otherwise, and may consult with any individual or entity on or off campus, which in its view may be helpful in the selection process. Recipients of the Service-Learning Faculty Award will be announced at the final general faculty meeting of the academic year.


All full-time and part-time faculty members who are in at least their second year of teaching at Bentley are eligible for the awards.

The project upon which the application is based may have been conducted at any time at Bentley University within the previous three calendar years.

There is no limit to the number of times a faculty member may win a Service-Learning Award. Nominations from previous years that did not receive an award may be resubmitted.