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Give a Year/City Year Scholarship Program

The Bentley-City Year “Give a Year” Scholarship Program provides selected Bentley students with scholarships for spending a year serving as a City Year Corps Member. As tutors, mentors, and role models, you and other idealistic leaders will make a difference in the lives of children, and transform schools and neighborhoods across the US.

Through service with City Year, Corps Members build on their own strengths and assets, and learn new skills as they achieve their service and professional goals. Clear guidance, constructive training and coaching, and feedback are provided often so that all Corps Members have the greatest opportunity to succeed. Each Corps Member is assigned to a team and learns about the team's specific service focus during Basic Training Academy. Training will be provided to prepare the team to deliver that service effectively. In some cases, Corps Members are trained by the school system in which they work.

As a “give a year” scholar, you will have the experience of gaining new insight into your own life and the lives of others. You will develop and refine your interpersonal skills. You will apply your own experiences and knowledge base to the task of change in America. And you will bring these experiences back to Bentley enriching not only your own education, but also preparing you for a role as a civic leader.


How does “Give a Year” work?
Bentley undergraduate students who apply for and are awarded a “give a year” scholarship will receive a $20,000 credit toward their senior year Bentley tuition. Bentley graduate students who apply and are awarded the scholarship will receive the $20,000 tuition credit for their graduate study. Note that graduate students must be enrolled on a full-time basis in the McCallum Graduate School. In either case, your “give a year” service must be performed before the scholarship is awarded. All “give a year” scholars must apply for and be accepted as a Corps Member by City Year as well.

In addition to receiving the $20,000 tuition credit from Bentley, “give a year” scholars will receive an education award from AmeriCorps. Additionally, as City Year Corps Members, you will receive a weekly stipend to defray living expenses during your service year, health insurance, deferment of any college loan payments during your service year, an orientation and training program at the start of service, weekly leadership development sessions throughout your service year, and a uniform. More information can be found on the City Year website.


2012-2013 "give a year" Scholars

Max Sossa, City Year Boston, MA
Andres Kaypaghian, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley, CA

2011-2012 "give a year" Scholars

Brenna Foley, City Year Miami, FL
Katie Auger, City Year San Antonio, TX
Keisha Johnson, City Year Miami, FL
Ma-Kirah Wilkerson, City Year Miami, FL
Michael Chanler, City Year San Jose, CA
Molly Godfrey, City Year Los Angeles, CA
Travis Vigneault, City Year Manchester, NH

2010-2011 "give a year" Scholars

Kaylyn Frazier, City Year San Jose, CA
Kiernan Patenaude, City Year Seattle, WA
Brian LeBlanc, City Year Philadelphia, PA
Max Rogers, City Year Boston, MA
Marc Schleif, City Year Los Angeles, CA

2009-2010 "give a year" Scholars

Tara Meehan, City Year Miami, FL
Jenna Nakamura, City Year Louisiana


Where to get more information:
At this point you probably still have more questions than answers. So let’s get you started.

Visit the City Year web site to learn more about the life and work of a City Year Corps Member and apply online. In addition to this online application, you will need to complete the Bentley “give a year” scholarship application form.