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Investigating medical professionals attitude towards colorful equipment


Client: World leader in medical healthcare equipment

Project Characteristics: Online Survey, Brand Perception, International

Industry: Medical Equipment

A leading medical equipment producer was considering including more color in their products. To make sure this would be well received among medical professionals, they engaged the User Experience Center to further explore this direction.  


Project Goals:

  • Gain an understanding how customers felt about including color in their equipment.
  • Acquiring insight if customers want to be able to select the color of their machinery or if colors are assigned to different models.
  • Collect feedback from a large sample size of customers located in US, Europe, and China. 
  • Discover and compare preferential differences between the regions.  


  • Recruiting medical professionals from a variety of countries.
  • Translating and localizing the survey for markets in Europe and China
  • Designing a survey that taps into a very subtle, and often disregarded aspect of health care – the patient experience as it relates to the design and aesthetic of medical equipment


By sending out an online survey, the User Experience Center were able to collect feedback from many users from various countries. The outcome helped the client decide on their future direction of their product, including the use of color in their equipment and which markets place a premium on design aesthetics in medical equipment. The results also clearly identified which colors are perceived more positively and negatively across different markets.