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Leverage the Latest Research and Evaluation Methods to Improve the User Experience

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Research and Evaluation

User research isn’t just about conducting usability tests or creating surveys; it’s about understanding what you need to know, and selecting the right method to find that answer. By pulling from our extensive research toolkit, combined with experience conducting both US-based and international studies, we can help you create a research plan that meets your needs.

Steps To Success

Step 1: Define Goals

Before we design any research study, we work with you to understand what you are looking to learn from the study, and how this information aligns with your business goals. Then, we can select a method, participant profile and geographic range that will maximize insight within the allotted budget and timeframe.

Step 2: Develop Protocol

The research protocol defines the participant profiles, the tasks to be performed or questions to be asked, and the format of the study. Deliverables at this stage may include: a participant screener; a moderator’s guide for usability testing; or a draft of a survey or information architecture, delivered in our online tool.

Step 3: Data Collection

Whether we’re collecting qualitative data from usability tests and field studies, or quantitative data through surveys and tree tests, we focus on minimizing bias and collecting valid data that will inform decision making.

Step 4: Data Analysis and Presentation of Findings

Once data collection is completed, we analyze and present the data to you in a format that works best for your organization. Some clients prefer a detailed report with all findings, presented in PowerPoint; others prefer a brief, top-line memo of recommendations they can put to work the following day. Whatever format your team requires, our goal is to provide you with actionable answers to your research questions. 

Step 5: Follow Up

A great user experience doesn’t come from a single research study. We build long-term relationships with our clients because they know that creating a great product is an iterative experience, informed by getting customer insight along each milestone. Each project concludes with a clear set of recommendations both for design improvements, and for further research that can help dig deeper into some of the issues uncovered during the study.