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Undergraduate Research

Why Research?

In conducting undergraduate research, you gain a new academic experience and develop a wide-range of useful research skills in critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative analysis, field work, survey methodologies, and more. In addition, student researchers develop close mentoring relationships with faculty members through fun, rewarding, and productive research. The Valente Center's arts & sciences-focused undergraduate Research Programs are also particularly useful for students developing the skills to eventually complete an Honors Capstone or an LSM culminating experience as well as for motivated students looking to delve deeper in a subject of interest or in a faculty member’s disciplinary research. Furthermore, undergraduate research is valuable experience that both employers and graduate schools value.



Currently, the Valente Center is sponsoring 17 student research assistants who are working with faculty members on 14 diverse projects ranging from, “Your City in 100 Words: Micro-fiction and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century” to "Environmentally benign synergistic insect repellents: Fusion of public health, green chemistry, and product development". 720 hours total have been awarded thus far. 


Our Programs

The Valente Center offers paid arts & sciences-focused undergraduate research positions through two programs: (1) Student Research Assistantships and (2) Student Research Fellowships. We will be soliciting applications for both programs for AY 2018-19 with an hourly wage of $12.

The Valente Center Undergraduate Research Skills Boot Camp is designed to help prepare students interested in pursing undergraduate research. The event took place September 29th and was led by Bentley professors Dave Szymanski, Aaron Jackson, Jeff Gulati, Christian Rubio, Mike Quinn, Rob DeLeo, Otgo Erhemjamts, & Cyrus Veeser. There were also featured insights from past UG researchers and alumni Matt Ahlmeyer, Amanda Pine, & Matt Zeglen.

UG Student Research Assistantships

Assist and collaborate with a professor on a research project over the academic year.

Student Research Assistantships provide an opportunity for talented, industrious undergraduate students to work closely with faculty members in an area of special interest. The goal of the Valente Center Student UG Research Assistantship program is to provide motivated Bentley undergraduates with meaningful research experiences alongside faculty mentors. Research assistants are chosen by a faculty member to provide assistance on a specific project. The number of positions vary each academic year, but applications for assistantships are posted in September for selection by faculty members.

Faculty benefit from student contributions as they work exclusively on research project(s) outlined by faculty members in their applications. Undergraduate research can take many forms, but in general, it teaches research practice as a form of experiential learning. Therefore the work of student research assistants should reflect the scholarly environment of the university; research assistantships are not work-study positions. In some cases, undergraduate research assistants may work in research teams, but they are not “shared” among faculty members, as is the case with some departmental work-study students.

For more information about the application process for faculty, please look here!

UG Student Research Fellowships

Design and undertake your own research project, mentored by a professor.

Student Research Fellowships allow motivated and self-driven undergraduates to pursue a year-long project relating to the arts & sciences or the intersection of the arts & sciences and business. Prior to submitting an application, candidates are required to find a faculty mentor to provide guidance as the student independently undertakes his/her project. Note: Fellowship research projects may not be used simultaneously for any course or program-related credit, including the Honors capstone project, a directed study, or an LSM culminating experience. 

This year's Valente Undergraduate Research Fellows are: Ryan Cadorette, Daniel Carr, Victoria Consolini, Derek Fanucci, Liana Ferrara, Shakeeb Habash, Alyssa Sweigard, & Seth Wise.

Contact Valente Center Director Prof. Dave Szymanski ( for more information.


Undergraduate research students have the opportunity to publish their work in Fusio, Bentley's undergraduate research journal managed by the Honors Program, which highlights capstone papers, as well as other exceptional work by undergraduates whose research combines business and the arts and sciences.