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Graduate Forms

GR 521 Waiver Exam 

The GR 521 Managerial Statistics waiver exam is available if you were not waived from GR 521 due to receiving AP credit, a grade below 3.0 in GB 213 or Graduate Admissions did not grant you the waiver upon admission to Bentley. If GR 521 Managerial Statistics is required in your degree program or you plan to take an elective with this pre-requisite, you must take an exam to demonstrate proficiency in Statistics and obtain a foundation waiver. You cannot take the exam if you have never taken a Statistics class. To take the exam you must receive permission by completing the post-add drop waiver appeal process. If you are granted permission to take the exam, please complete the four step process outlined below:

   1. Complete the GR 521 Exam Form

   2. Register with Hawkes Learning to access the exam and review materials

   3. Register with ProctorU for the proctor service of the exam and choose “Test Taker”

   4. Read the Common Questions and Instructions for taking the GR 521 exam

Please note that the exam can only be taken once and you must earn a passing score of 80 or above to be considered waived from the class. 

Graduate Course Waiver Policy and Appeal Form

As part of a student’s acceptance, Graduate Admissions will list the courses which a student is eligible to waive. The waiver appeal process is as follows: 

Pre-Add Drop Waiver Appeal Process:

  1. Students complete a Pre-Add/Drop Waiver Appeal Form and submit it to Graduate Admissions with detailed documentation about the course they completed and an explanation of why they believe the course should be waived.
  2. This evaluation process may require input from program directors.
  3. NOTE: students should not contact program directors directly to ask about appeals during this time and program directors should refer all requests in this timeframe to Graduate Admissions.
  4. Graduate Admissions will continue with late appeals through the Add/Drop period.

Post-Add Drop Waiver Appeal Process:

  1. After the Add/Drop period ends, a student must work directly with the designated representative for each course using the Post Add-Drop Waiver Appeal Form available on the Registrar’s and Graduate Student Academic Services’ websites.
  2. The “Waiver Appeal” form must be completed and all appropriate documentation attached and sent to the relevant departmental representative. The departmental representative will make a final decision.
  3. If requesting more than one waiver, complete a separate form for each contact person.
  4. A copy of the approved waiver form, which must include the departmental representative’s signature, will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will enter the waiver into the student record.
  5. No waiver appeals will be accepted once a student has completed his/her first semester of study at Bentley.  Exceptions to this rule will be at the discretion of the program directors, but such exceptions should be rare and should be reserved for situations that are out of the student’s control.