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International Student Resources

International students make up a very important part of the diverse fabric of the Bentley University's McCallum Graduate School of Business. The transition to graduate study in another country presents unique challenges and opportunities for learning. At Bentley, there is a network of professional staff available to assist in the adjustment to a new academic and personal environment.

These programs/services are available for international graduate students at Bentley University: orientation programs, transitional courses, and language support services:

Orientation Programs
These are designed to help students manage expectations while at an American graduate business school. Students are required to check in at the Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) and attend workshops related to immigration compliance, acculturation and key services for International Students. 

Center for International Students and Scholars
The Center for International Students and Scholars team helps international students obtain the proper paperwork needed to study, conduct research and work in the United States. Their office assists with visa related issues and immigration documents and offers cultural adjustment and intercultural programs.

Academic Edge Program*
A series of online flexible assignments targeted specifically to help our international grads practice their English skills during the spring and summer months. Academic Edge is neither a class nor an intensive session, but is a great starting point for English practice. Visit their page here.

Language Support Services
We offer one-on-one services to students throughout the year.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Center/Graduate Tutorials
We provide English language support in writing, reading and speaking in courses across the curriculum. To both graduate and undergraduate students. Students work on oral and written assignments that are tailored specifically to their needs. Students can also improve pronunciation and work on accent reduction through tutorials combined with state of the art language technology in the CLIC lab.

Conversation Partners
This program engages students in authentic interactions with native English speakers. Students will develop key language skills, broaden their cultural awareness and build relationships across cultures. Conversation partners meet at minimum twice per month in person.

Distance Learning: On-Line Course Policy

Bentley University International Student Distant Learning - Hybrid and Online Course Policy

International students attending Bentley University on the F-1 Visa have special regulations binding on them for online and hybrid classes. The Department of Homeland Security requires F-1 students to maintain a full course of study, and the course of study must lead to the attainment of a specific educational or professional objective. A full course of study is defined as a minimum of: 12 credit hours for undergraduate and 9 credit hours for graduate students. F-1 students can count only one 100% online/distance learning class or three credits of online/distance learning course per semester toward the full course of study requirement [8 C.F.R. 214.2(f)(6)(i)(G)]. If you meet this criteria and would like to have access to the hybrid option, please visit the Office of Graduate Student and Academic Services after the add/drop period has passed. 

For hybrid courses, international students are required to maintain physical presence in these classes at least partially. Partial “physical presence” will be interpreted as a minimum of two in-class attendance per hybrid course per semester (suggestion may be attendance at the first and last class sessions). *Please note that hybrid classes where students have the option to either participate online or in-class will be considered 100% online classes if students chose not to be physically present. Failure to comply with the regulation [8 C.F.R. 214.2(f)(6)(i)(G)] will be a violation of a student’s F-1 status. Below is the actual immigration regulation regarding online / distance learning courses:

3.20.7 Distance education limits

(NAFSA manual)

No more than the equivalent of one on-line/distance education class or 3 credits per session may count towards the "full course of study" requirement, if the course "does not require the student's physical attendance for classes, examination or other purposes integral to completion of the class.” If the student's course of study is in a language study program, no on-line or distance education classes may be counted toward the full course of study requirement.

8 C.F.R. § 214.2(f)(6)(i)(G)

(G) For F-1 students enrolled in classes for credit or classroom hours, no more than the equivalent of one class or three credits per session, term, semester, trimester, or quarter may be counted if taken on-line or through distance education in a course that does not require the student's physical attendance for classes, examination or other purposes integral to completion of the class. An on-line or distance education course is a course that is offered principally through the use of television, audio, or computer transmission including open broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, or satellite, audio conferencing, or computer conferencing. If the F-1 student's course of study is in a language study program, no on-line or distance education classes may be considered to count toward classroom hours or credit.