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New Student Check List

Information for New Graduate Students

Welcome to the Bentley University McCallum Graduate School of Business!  Now that you have been accepted and made your decision to attend Bentley University for your graduate studies, here are the first 10 things you need to do:

  1. Submit Graduate School Deposit: You can be do this via the Slate portal.
  2. Set up your Bentley Email Short Name:  
    After you committed to your acceptance, you were sent an email with instructions for setting up your Bentley accounts. Your short name, once established, will provide you the full range of network resources you will need to use. This process takes 24-48 hours and does not happen immediately.  Please visit the New Student Technology Overview page and review and complete each of the mandatory bulleted items.
  3. Consult with an Academic Advisor: Graduate Student Academic Services advisers can help you develop your personal degree completion plan. We are available for office, phone or Skype appointments during scheduled times.  Please note: Student must complete their degree(s) within 5 years.
  4. Registration Information:  Review online course registration materials via the Registrar's Office website. Information about registration times will be posted on the Academics Tab of your MyBentley account approximately two weeks prior to the start of registration for the upcoming term. 
  5. Orientation: New students are highly encouraged to participate in our On-line Orientation which provides students with an overview of the offices and resources at Bentley University. In addition, there is an on-campus orientation each semester for students who will attend classes locally on campus. Watch your email for more information and an invitation to the program.
  6. Contact Information: Verify that your contact information is correct in MyBentley: select Student Self-Service, Personal Information and then View Address and Phone. If your contact information needs to be updated, please submit the Graduate Forms/Address Update to the Registrar’s Office. All mail that is sent to graduate students from the university will be sent to your Permanent Address (PR) unless there is a listing for a Local (LO) or Dorm (DO) Address.
  7. Review Health Care Requirements: Student requirements for health insurance vary based upon registered course credits. Students registered for nine credits or more are required to complete a health care form and provide immunization records based upon registered course credits. 
  8. Shuttle Service:  Please check the Bentley University Shuttle Website for shuttle routes and schedules. If you will be driving to campus for classes, you will need to obtain a parking sticker for your vehicle. Depending on location, some graduate students also use other transportation options to get to campus such as taxis, public transportation, and car-share programs.
  9. Find a Place to Live: Graduate on-campus housing is very limited, so most graduate students live off-campus.  To look for places to live, visit the Bentley University Off-Campus Housing Service; it will provide a variety of housing options for graduate students.  If you plan to use the shuttle this 2017-2018 Academic Year, please use the shuttle link above when considering all housing options.
  10. Obtain your Falcon Student Identification Card: Registered students can visit the Campus Police Card Office as early as three weeks before the start of classes to obtain their student ID.