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Jane De Leon Griffin
Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of Arts & Sciences
Morison Hall 312
Paula DeCosta
Associate Director, Donor Relations, Stewardship
LaCava Campus Center 275C
Bob DeFelice
Head Coach, Baseball, Athletics
Cindy R DeGrave
Assistant Registrar, Registrar
Morison Hall 123
Joel Deichmann
Professor, Global Studies
Morison Hall 208
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building-201
Robert DeLeo
Associate Professor, Global Studies
Morison Hall 274
Steve Demetrius
Senior Instruction and Online Media Specialist, Academic Technology Center
Lindsay Hall 24B
Cortney Denman
Instructional Designer, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
Morison Hall-120
Diana DeSimone
Senior Analyst, Financial Planning, Financial Operations
Rauch Admin. Center-020
Jesse Devault
Turf Specialist, Grounds
Maintenance Building 201
Nia DeYounge
Director, Center for International Students and Scholars, Ctr for Intl Students and Scholars
Student Center 310O
John DiBello
Adjunct Lecturer, Finance
Morison Hall 122
Nancy Dickenson
Executive in Residence, HFID - CA
175 Forest Street
PJ Dickson
Director, Educational Support Technology and First Year Academic Programs, Office of Academic Services
Jennison Hall 433
Stephen DiFonte
Senior End User Computing Technician, IT Client Services
Bentley Library-036H
Devin DiGiovanni
Head Club Coach, Women's Rugby, Club Sports
Student Center 330
Melissa A Diglio
Manager, Communications Center, University Police
Campus Police 124
Meghan E DiGregory
Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Applications, Data Management and Application Services
Lindsay Hall 14E
Sareen Dilsizian
Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources
Rauch Admin. Center-201B
Mimoza Dimodugno
Adjunct Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center 410
Konstantin Dimov
Assistant Coach, Volleyball, Athletics
Anthony DiSchino
Police Officer, University Police
Campus Police-104
Lena Dmitrieva
Senior Usability Consultant, User Experience Center
Smith Technology Center 121C
Michael J Doane
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology
Jennison Hall-140
Susan Dobscha
Professor, Marketing
Morison Hall 203
Andrew Dole
Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center
Campus Police 222
Larry Dolinsky
Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall 149F
Sharon Donato
Medical Administrative Assistant, Health Center
Rhodes Hall 002
Kim Donlan
Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall 236
Jeanne Donoghue
Director, Procurement, Procurement and Campus Services
Harrington 108
Leslie Doolittle
Executive Director, Academic Support Services, Office of Academic Services
Jennison Hall 324
Justin J Dore
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
175 Forest Street
Armand Doucette
Lecturer, Information and Process Management
Smith Technology Center-322
Matthew Doucot
Police Officer, University Police
Campus Police 104
Suzanne B Dove
Executive Director of the Badavas Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
175 Forest Street
Phil Drapeau
Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall-236
Luisana Duarte
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication
Morison Hall 101
Amy Dufour
Associate Director of Operations, Undergraduate Admission
LaCava Campus Center 153
Michael Dugas
Adjunct Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center-410
Lisa Duhaime
Associate Director, User Services, IT Client Services
Bentley Library-036C
Administrative Coordinator, Office of Academic Services, Office of Academic Services
Jennison Hall 336
Tom Dunion
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall 310
Jon Dzitko
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology
Morison Hall 106
Meghan Earley
Lead Human Resources Systems Analyst, Human Resources
Rauch Admin. Center-201R
Carlos Echevarria
Sergeant, University Police
Campus Police 123
Linda Edelman
Professor and Chair, Management
Adamian Academic Center 327
Richard Edelmann
Head Coach, Men and Women Tennis, Athletics
DAN 168A
John Edward
Adjunct Lecturer, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 268
Virginia Egan
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 140