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Climate Change Communication in Broadcast Meteorology

A Workshop on Science and Storytelling

This past weekend, Bentley University , in coordination with Plymouth State University, hosted Climate Change Communication in Broadcast Meteorology: A Workshop on Science and Storytelling. This one-day workshop gathered professional and studying broadcast meteorologist from the greater Boston and New York areas and focused on methods for which broadcast meteorologist can better communicate the complex scientific understanding of global climate change. Biologist, filmmaker, and author, Randy Olson, Ph.D., introduced the theme of storytelling in his keynote address "Finding the Narrative." In his presentation, Olson differentiated between the various types of communications, including his ABT (And, But, Therefore) approach to effective storytelling, as well as the concept of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey.

This one-day workshop was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Workshop Presentations

File An Introduction to Climate Change
David Szymanski | Bentley University

File Climate Science Overview: Climate Change Essentials
Rick Oches | Bentley University

Office presentation icon Earth’s Record of Climate Change: Examples from the Cyrosphere
Thom Davis | Bentley University

Keynote Address

Finding the Narrative
Randy Olson | Prairie Starfish Productions


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